Morency shines in Uniondale meet

Kevin Morency has been on sports teams almost all through his days at South Shore High School, located in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

He has been a member of the track and field and soccer teams during the fall with the latter activity and track during the winter and spring. He became part of the booter squad, which captured the Public Schools Athletic League championship.

“It was awesome that our team won the title,” Morency said. “Everybody was happy-my coach and my teammates. After the championship game we went out to dinner, and we tried to focus on the next season coming up.”

Winning that soccer title was the biggest moment in his career.

Originally from Haiti, where he lived for his first 15 years, Morency eventually came to the United States and landed at South Shore to get a better education, good job and a scholarship to college.

He played soccer for all four years as a schoolboy athlete. The two-sport athlete has not made up his mind on the sport that he wants to pursue while in college. He did say that he would like a scholarship to do both sports.

“I think that I’ll get it,” he recently said. “I already was offered a scholarship for track to go to Monroe College. Since I could accept only one scholarship, it’ll be track, because it’s fun and I enjoy running. I’ll get my teammates to help me and make sure that they motivate me.”

Morency’s track coach is Paul Schneider, who has helped him a great deal. Morency will be graduating in June. Representing his high school he has been competing and winning in track.

For instance, he recently had a good start and captured the 100-meter-dash in the varsity final in a time of 11.32 in the Knight Time Invitational conducted at Uniondale High in Long Island. He won the semi-final section of the same event in 11.24.

Actually, Morency is in his third year of track and field.

“In my first year I wasn’t on the team, because I was focusing on soccer and more on academics,” he went on. “(Then) I set the outdoor school record of 11.20 in the 100. Last year I did very well.”

Soccer helps him for track and vice versa.

“Track increases my (speed) and soccer builds up strength,” said Morency, who has been running for three years. “I do a lot of lifting so I can get stronger for track.”

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