Monroe College opens Patient Stimulation Center

Monroe College President Stephen Jerome and other dignitaries cut the ribbon on the Human Patient Simulation Center that will put the college’s School of Nursing at the cutting edge of nursing training on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

The center features two lifelike manikins. One is a male, called 3G SimMan that can be programmed to exhibit numerous bodily functions such as sweating, bleeding, crying, spiked-fever, etc. The female manikin is a fully-functional birthing simulator that goes through all the stages of labor and actually gives birth. Monroe is the first college in the nation to operate the full-body pregnancy simulator in an educational setting.

“Our goal is to offer the students the opportunity to become first-rate nurses so that patients in hospitals will know they’re receiving the best care from Monroe graduates,” President Jerome said. “This brilliantly-designed center with its high-tech manikins helps to make that goal a reality.”

The ceremony included a full demonstration of the two manikins including a distress condition on the male manikin that students had to diagnose and treat, and a birthing from the female pregnancy simulator.

Monroe offers an associate program in Registered Nursing that offers students two options. Students may enter into a “1+1” program, completing their Practical Nursing program in the first year and their Registered Nursing in the second year.

Alternatively, those students who are already licensed practical nurses may enter directly into the Registered Nursing program.

Monroe’s modern nursing curriculum provides students with a deep understanding of the physical, biological and behavioral sciences as well as a broad liberal arts education. The goal is to develop nurses that understand basic human needs, the nursing process, systems theory, as well as the importance of taking personal and professional responsibility for their actions and decisions.

The curriculum focuses on major shifts in healthcare delivery including: consumer empowerment, the ageing population, cultural diversity and new technologies. Classes are held in a state-of-the art facility that includes a Human Patient Simulation Center and science and pharmacy laboratories.

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