Modern MD Urgent Care opens on Utica Avenue

Pictured outside Modern MD at 436 Utica Ave., are Thomas J. Byers, Dr. Daryl McClendon, Dr. Stephen Dahmer and Hernan Hernandez.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The sign on the façade of Modern MD Urgent Care at 436 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn, says ‘no appointment necessary,” an invitation to any consumer with a medical emergency that is non-life threatening.

Modern MD opened its doors to the public on Saturday, April 30, joining the growing number of medical care facilities that are attracting consumers seeking less wait times in emergency rooms at hospitals across America.

Regional Medical Director of Brooklyn Dr. Daryl McClendon said the support was overwhelming from the community which he described as medically underserved and fragile.

According to Dr. McClendon, there is a shortage of urgent care facilities to accommodate the growing medical needs in Brooklyn communities that take all types of medical insurance, unlike Modern MD, that accept all medical insurance for services at its well-equipped office with six exam rooms, one procedure room and a staff of medical professionals.

“We give referrals, and because of the many general practitioners that do various functions at Modern MD, we can fill in the gap for many doctors in the community who schedule appointments six weeks, and sometimes longer, to see a patient.

“We will not only engage the patient, we reach out to the community to establish relationships with patients who are not aware of the functions of urgent care,” said Dr. McClendon.

With an estimated three million patient-visits to urgent care facilities according to the Urgent Care Association of America, Dr. McCleandon said Modern MD would accommodate a patient without an appointment.

Dr. Stephen Dahmer is the attending physician but the service will expand to include more physicians as needed.

“This gives us the ability to offer quick care at a lower cost and in a more approachable, professional and modern way, that many local hospital don’t provide,” said Dr. McClendon.

According to a study, consumers are seeking to avoid long waits in emergency rooms and are grateful for more convenient evening and weekend hours, driving a steady growth in urgent care centers.

This is true, according to CEO Thomas J. Byers who brings a wealth of experience from the midwest where he operated 30 centers in diverse regions. As such, Modern MD he said has emulated a model that is similar, and makes him excited about bringing the service to the Crown Heights neighborhood where urgent care is needed.

Byers, who has been in New York for 21 months now, headed one of the largest urgent care networks in America, and worked in Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio.

He said he was recruited by partner Brooklyn Hospital which provides medical oversight to ensure the urgent care facility is providing professional care to patients.

During this process, Byers said the clinic would work with local healthcare entities and hospitals in the area to realize the primary goal of raising the level of healthcare in the community, while ensuring everybody gets the best healthcare options.

“We will partner with local healthcare providers to make sure patients receive their routine mammogram and colonoscopy, and recommend specialists to complete this service,” said Byers.

Byers said urgent care facilities are set up where there is a shortage of primary care physicians. The group also wanted to bring a beautiful center similar to those found on the upper eastside in Manhattan.

In addition to an X-ray machine, the facility is staffed with a medical technician, medical assistant, and rooms outfitted with modern equipment, for efficient service said Marketing Director Hernan Hernandez.

Modern MD, the fourth such facility in Brooklyn, will welcome consumers from 9 am to 9 pm weekdays, and 9 am to 7 pm, weekends, seven days a week, for both adults and children, without any appointment.

Hernandez reiterated that the facility would cut waiting time in half, depending on the medical condition of a patient, and how busy the facility is.

From a common cold and flu, aches and pains, cuts and bruises, X-rays and tests, Modern MD, as its name suggests, houses a modernized space with amenities such as a special pediatrics room for comfort and quick service, and a contemporary waiting area adorned with a flat screen TV on the wall.

To learn more, go to, or call 646-604-8150.

A modern pediatrics room at Modern MD Urgent Care.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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