Miss Plus Size Universe Women’s Forum

Business consultant, writer and life coach Alene Mathurin Gervaism.

On Sunday April 24, 2016 Miss Plus Size Universe will showcase its first Women Conference, which will be held in New York at the JFK Hilton from 9 am to 5 pm.

Social entrepreneur Pearl Williams said her organization is dedicated to work towards the upliftment of women, especially those who are underprivileged in our society. “In my capacity as founder and president of Miss Plus Size Universe, I would like to invite all women to be a part of this great venture,” said Williams

“Our first Women Conference is more than a conference; it’s a global initiative of love and leadership of women. We are creating multiple channels across the globe to enable great leadership by women so they can express their energy in society to bring more balance and harmony, while utilizing their own capacity to create and influence others,” she explained.

The theme for Miss Plus Size Universe is “Women Are Core.” “We believe in addressing issues that affect women from all angles. Our movement of women engages with men as well, all is a shared vision led by women to bring inclusion, diversity, inspiration and innovation to all,” said Williams.

There will be five speakers who will explore all facets of issues that affect women. These speakers are: Alene Mathurin Gervaism (Business consultant-writer and life coach), Ripandeep Kaur (Philanthropist – chairperson of We for WE-Global campaign for women), Judy Boyce (Philanthropist – owner Kenju’s CEO director of the Miss Plus Size Diva Barbados), Chinor Emeka (Author, advocate, owner of CAIRES Grooming Agency) and Justina Mutale (Advocate, speaker, philanthropist and one of the most influential and inspirational African women in the world).

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