Metro Links & N.Y. Links care for Haiti

From left, Anna Marie Bishop, president N.Y. Metro LINKS; Michelle Paterson, Laura Blackburne, Ret. judge; Cheryl Joyner, Monica Azar, Orchard Burnside and Hazel N. Dukes, N.Y. LINKS & NYS NAACP president.
Photo by Gideon Manasseh
Photo by Gideon Manasseh

At the Alma Rangel Senior Citizens Homes Community Room in Harlem, Metro Manhattan Links, Incorporated and N.Y. Links joined hands and put together 234 sanitary packages for women and young girls for the “We Care For Haiti” initiative.

Haitians are still suffering from the Jan. 12, 2011, disastrous 7.0 earthquake which hit Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince and caused massive devastation to the city. It is estimated that the quake destroyed more than 4,000 buildings in the capital and caused 250,000 fatalities. Lack of food, clean water, medical care and the spread of disease still plague the city, of Port-au-Prince and may push the death tolls even higher.

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