Merelen Smith_Sotillo launches SCAF Corp. International

Merlene Smith-Sotillo, a global strategist at Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int’l., she has officially launched the SCAF Corp Int. a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people with information, resources, organization, and support that they need when dealing with Sickle Cell. The organization is targeting both parents and kids, to show how the risk of certain life decisions could be avoided by making better life transforming decisions, and teens could be brought up to live simpler, happier lives despite external influences beyond their control.

At the SCAF Corp Int’l. “We believe that individuals can accelerate their recovery through knowledge when they’re connected to the right organizations and resources,” “Ms. Sotillo believes in catenation, which means the act of linking together. At SCAF Corp Int’l., we are working to link people who need support with Sickle Cell and the resources they need.” The organization also facilitates the volunteer recruitment and charitable giving, associated with help and support.

Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int’l., headquartered in Queens, N.Y. strives to educate the American public on the effects of Sickle Cell and its trait preparedness and relief. “SCAF Corp Int was built from the simple notion that knowledge/Health is power. “Whether people are looking to get help, give help, or simply learn more about Sickle Cell, we work to connect them to the tools and resources they need.”

Merlene Smith-Sotillo is an authority in Sickle-Cell readiness and preparedness with more than ten years of professional experience in the field. Prior to founding the Sickle-Cell Awareness Foundation Corp Int’l., her career included Home Health Aide and volunteering at the Hospital. Ms Sotillo has also developed and exercised continuity and emergency plans when dealing with Sickle-Cell and its side effects.

SCAF Corp Int’l. is currently recruiting volunteers to assist with research and website support. For more information, please visit

Merlene Smith-Sotillo is a community leader, not only securing her place in the nonprofit sector but was able to gain recognition from different senators in the queens market by being awarded two Proclamations from (2) different senators in the queens district. With more than 8+ years’ experience leading complex strategy and strategic devolvement. The life experiences that Ms. Sotillo shares help to reaffirm the fact that our past mistakes, don’t define who we are, they just define them as things we did. We do the best we can with what’s given, and sometimes it takes making different choices to really understand who we “truly” are and to live up to our potential.

Merlene has sliced through the paradox of our time, through her career experiences, she has developed the unique ability to inspire families both here and in Trinidad & Tobago to have their partner tested for Sickle-Cell by knowing the risk of have children if both parents have either the trait or disease. Merlene is also coaching teens and individual of the risk of choosing a mate with sickle-cell within the community. In addition to consulting, Merlene also speaks. She will customize an engaging, insightful talk or presentation for your business meeting, conference, or retreat on the topic of Sickle-Cell and its related conditions.

Interested in knowing more about her please visit:

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