Mentorship program for Black males


The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males is a year-round program specifically designed for Black male teens. It provides three phases of leadership development. New members are added to the program each June and remain in the program until they graduate from high school.

The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males is the manifestation of a “charge” that God gave to Susan Woods in 2008 to do something about the Black male teen crisis. Our membership includes 75 Black male teens from four counties.


To prepare Black male teens to be leaders in their homes, schools, communities, and future professions.


To provide a proactive and holistic approach to addressing the mental, physical, and spiritual needs unique to Black male teens.

Admission Criteria

To become a member of the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males, a teen must meet the following criteria:

~must be between 14-16 years old

~must have at least a 2.0 grade point average

~must be willing to learn and follow directions

~must not have a criminal record

Application Process

A rigorous application process is used to ensure that the candidates selected to participate in the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males are serious about learning leadership skills. Candidates must complete a written application, answer essay questions, secure three letters of recommendation, and participate in a panel interview. Applications for new members will be available on March 1, 2012 at

Three Phases Of Leadership Development

The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males includes three phases of leadership development. The three phases provide a wide array of activities to continuously prepare our sons for success.

The first phase is the “leadership development summer program” which serves as the intake phase for new members. After the new members are selected, they are required to participate in a six-week program that allows them the opportunity to meet successful black men who share their keys to success. More than 100 men have volunteered their time to facilitate 45-minute sessions during the summer program. The list of volunteer mentors can be found at:

In addition, the members participate in “spiritual enrichment devotionals” and “Black History appreciation lessons” daily. During the six-week program, the Emerging Leaders also enjoy field trips to the movies, bowling, skating, and so on. They also complete community service projects. At the end of the summer program, the Emerging Leaders go on a “brotherhood retreat” to celebrate their promotion to phase two.

The second phase is called the “high school academic success program.” This phase focuses on helping the Emerging Leaders improve their grade point averages, development positive relationships with their teachers and guidance counselors, and participate in extracurricular activities. The Emerging Leaders are required to participate in conference calls on the second and fourth Monday nights to give progress reports on their school activities and to request assistance if needed. They are also required to attend monthly meetings to share the same information and to fellowship with their brothers.

The third phase is called the “internship connections program” which provides the opportunities for the Emerging Leaders to get on-the-job training in various occupations. Examples of jobs we provide include “brother keeper,” “gratitude agent,” and “teacher cadets.”

After the Emerging Leaders complete the three phases of leadership development, they are prepared for success in college or in their careers.

Customized Programs

The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males provides the following customized programs to meet the leadership development needs of black male teens:

~No Gang for Me! Gang Prevention Program

~Exceeding Expectations! Tutoring Program

~ELMP Yard Care Services Program for the Elderly & Disabled

~ELMP Math & Science Teacher Exploration Program

Field Trips

Emerging Leaders are taken on field trips. Todate, the participants have traveled to the following locations:

Washington, DC – toured the monuments, Smithsonian, and Howard University

Atlanta, GA – attended Black College Expo, toured King Center

Williamsburg, VA – Busch Gardens, toured Norfolk State University

Charlotte, NC – Mint Museum, Harvey Gantt Center, Panthers Stadium, Bobcats game, Johnson C. Smith University, CPCC, movies, bowling, skating, and more.

Financial Sponsors

The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males received sponsorships to implement our various programs from the companies and foundations listed below:

The Wells Fargo Foundation = $16,000

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Harper = $15,263

The State Farm Foundation = $8,000

The Duke Energy Foundation = $8,000

City of Charlotte Matching Funds = $7,500

York County Community Foundation = $6,500

The Michael Baisden Foundation = $5,000

John & James Knight Foundation = $4,000

Truliant Federal Credit Union = $1,000

We also appreciate the individual donations we have received over the years!


Save Our Black Boys!

We are soldiers on the battlefield to “save our Black boys” from the negative influences in our society that could cause them to make poor decisions. The Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males has all of the components necessary to help our sons succeed. However, we need your financial support to continue offering the wide array of services that have provided a positive return on investments. To make a tax-deductible investment, please visit the website

If you have any questions about the Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program for Black Males, please feel free to call Brian Bulluck, program manager, at 704.607.1117.

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