Melchoir writes about ‘Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts’

Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir with a copy of her booklet “Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts.”
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Reverend Dr. Julia Melchoir declares that the universe says, “yes to your spoken words,” and asks “what are you saying” as she writes about positive thinking in her first booklet — “Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts,” an inspirational manual based on one’s thoughts and mind, and the philosophy of thinking.

The author asserts that thoughts are not merely words; they come from the subjective mind of all mankind.

“The unruly consciousness speaks to us as intuition because we all have the freedom of choice to think what to think,” said Rev. Melchoir.

The book chronicles topics such as; Dedication: I believe, If you Believe, Positive Quotes, Divine Virtue and other thought provoking issues, that say ‘you reap what you sow” and encapsulates deep positive thinking.

“We can choose our thoughts in a positive way and allow our experiences to demonstrate as the same thoughts in the mind has energy and become image according to our desire, therefore it has a life of its own and will produce via a low octave within us demonstrating either a negative or positive result in our lives.”

Rev. Melchoir, pastor of the Unity Temple of Christ Church in Queens and inspirational speaker said, “We are what we think and by learning how to think positively, we will train our minds or attitude to respond to us in a dynamic way.”

“This book is for people of all diversity, especially for children, because our kids are growing up with the wrong concept of their words and they use them very loosely anywhere, and to both adults and their peers.

Rev. Melcher teaches people to think positive thoughts.

The first time author said the book carries the defined attributes that live within each of us like love, peace, and joy. It entails how to change the concept of our words, our slogan, based on how we think.

Some of the life services listed in the 27-page booklet, rendered by Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir, include: Life Changing Coaching/Mentoring, Inspirational Seminars/Workshops, Motivational/Guest Speaker, Pastoral Counseling / Spiral Mind Healing and Independent Thinking Seminars/Educational Workshops, to name a few.

The Unity Temple of Christ reverend is an inspirational speaker for any occasion and is available for family functions and charities.

For more information, call Reverend Dr. Julia Melchoir at 347 737- 6312.

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