Medgar Evers dean hopes to return cricket to campus

The Queens College cricket team is pictured with, back row, Guyana, and West Indian, great, Roger Harper, Clyde Butts, WI Great, Mark Harper, Mr. Trotz, Keith Alexander, Dr. Blackman, and others.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Thursday, Jan. 3 was the perfect day for cricket, lovely cricket. The five-hour event that started with a score of 100 runs — the combined birth number of batsman, Dr. Terrence Blackman, Dean, School of Science Health and Technology, Medgar Evers College / CUNY, and batsman, UK banker, Keith Alexander, who celebrated their milestones with a match between their alma mater, and a Georgetown team.

The buddies, who met at Guyana’s prestigious, Queens College in 1979, and back then, expressed the desire to play in a team against another class, bonded over the popular sport, and for their 50th birthday, thought it would be fitting to sponsor a match to engage youngsters, while helping to resuscitate the sport in schools.

Dr. Blackman, chair of Mathematics Department, who is described as mathematically gifted, said the duo wanted to do something memorable, and bring young people together in a positive way, and what better place to do so, than the grounds of historic Malteenoes Sports Club, where he was a member as a youth.

“Most of the things Keith and I do, come from boyhood days, like captaining the cricket team,” said Dr. Blackman, who wants to revamp the cricket team he had started on the Brooklyn campus of Medgar Evers, many years ago.

Now defunct, the professor feels strongly about bringing cricket back to the campus.

“It is a wonderful pleasure to be here. We were visited by folks who have a strong interest in seeing the growth of cricket in Guyana. I have played a lot of cricket in school, and played for Malteenoes, as the opening batsman,” said Dr. Blackman.

“We are thrilled that you are here to celebrate with us. Young people will become 50 and we will be here and happy to celebrate with you. Play, good, clean, cricket,” he urged the players at the toss.

The “birthday boy” later presented the MVP of the winning Georgetown team with a trophy.

“It’s a real pleasure to see young folks like you play cricket, it’s a team sport, it fosters excellent relationships. As you can see, Terrence and I have been teammates for 40 years, and we are still very good friends. Compete hard, and let’s have a good day,” said the other “birthday boy,” Keith Alexander.

Coach, Neil Barry, cricket greats, Guyana and West Indies champions, Roger and Mark Harper, were there to inspire and present trophies to the winners.

Roger thanked the “birthday boys” for making the match possible, and for giving players the opportunity to showcase their talents, adding, “cricket, and the youths are the winners.”

Oh behalf of the Georgetown Cricket Association, Harper expressed hopes for many more youth matches in the future.

Former QC Principal, Leroy Trotz, Clyde Butts, and others showed their support.

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