‘Massive’ turnout at anniversary rally

The “massive” turnout of Grenadians to the government’s 4th anniversary rally on Sunday in Gouyave, St. John, is evidence that people understand and appreciate the government’s efforts to build the Grenada economy and that Prime Minister Tillman Thomas enjoys the support of the Grenadian people in the face of current challenges.

Richard Simon, Thomas’ press secretary, in expressing this view said the “impressive gathering,” which police estimated at 4,500, was a necessary boost to the government, which, he said, is focused on improving the living standards of all Grenadians.

During the rally Thomas told the gathering, “The gains that we have made as a government must be preserved in the interest of a sustainable Grenada. The NDC needs to be returned to government to continue our march towards the building of a better society. This is necessary to be able to fully implement our plans for transforming Grenada.

“This means that we need to present to you a “winning team” united under one leader.”

Thomas noted that during the last three years, “we have negotiated and secured over EC$ 600 million in concessional loans and grants for many projects to be implemented over the next few months and years. Some of these projects have started, others will commence before the end of this year.

“We have already begun to feel the impact of these projects on job creation, especially in the St. Andrews area. The development impact will be felt over the next few months and years.

Simon in a statement said, “The importance of this re-engagement cannot be overstated. This amounts to a rallying point for thinking people who are keeping abreast of the global economic difficulties and the resulting impact on our country.

“Sunday’s rally was a significant source of encouragement and inspiration in a very difficult period,” he added.

“What it showed is that despite the external and internal challenges, there is still confidence in the government which remains committed and focused on the task of development and to the ideals that got it elected in the first place,” Simon continued.

He said the maturity displayed by the audience, which stood through close to five hours of speeches and presentations, indicated that “people did not just come to have a good time” but attended out of a genuine desire to hear from their representatives in government on their stewardship over the past four years and their vision for the way forward.

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