Marcus Garvey pardon still pending

A call to help exonerate Marcus Mosiah Garvey and pardon him for a 1923 mail fraud conviction is again being amplified.

According to advocates relentlessly pursuing attention from the President Barack Obama administration, a long overdue pardon and clemency from the fraudulent conviction should be erased from the legacy of Jamaica’s first national hero. To that end they are aiming for 25,000 signatures to create “the buzz needed to get a positive response from the White House.”

Petitioner Geoffrey Philp is calling for Rep. Frederica Wilson to reintroduce a revised resolution that could exonerate the Pan-African proponent, clear his name and affirm his innocence of crimes they say he was unjustly prosecuted and convicted.

The resolution, titled H. Con. Res. 24, was first introduced to the 110th Congress in 2007 by New York Congressman Charles Rangel.

”Expressing the sense of the Congress that the President should grant a pardon to Marcus Mosiah Garvey to clear his name and affirm his innocence of crimes for which he was unjustly prosecuted and convicted.”

Philp is calling for one revision to H. Con. Res. 24: “We, the undersigned, are requesting the assistance of our representatives in reintroducing the resolution with the following change in the wording: ‘Expressing the sense of the Congress that the president should exonerate Marcus Mosiah Garvey to clear his name and affirm his innocence of crimes for which he was unjustly prosecuted and convicted,” he wrote at a web portal. At supporters are able to add a note of advocacy to this lingering cause for a presidential pardon.

“Marcus Garvey stands as the catalyst of the century,” a Jamaican living in the USA said.

“His contribution to the self awareness of a nation is not limited to the little island of Jamaica but the great country of the United States of America where we currently reside.”

Allegedly, Garvey’s teachings have been resurrected in Jamaican classrooms. School officials there have mandated a civics program for students from kindergarten through high school to study Garvey’s values (e.g. self-esteem, respect for others, accountability).

The exoneration will further show respect to his contributions to the advancement of Black people. To add support, log onto:

Early Bird Alert To St. Kitts Musical Festival

Two seasons ahead of the 17th Annual St. Kitts Music Festival, organizers are issuing a call to revelers to prepare to visit the twin islands from June 27 – 29.

Although winter is still in full blast and spring seems a distant climate change, the islands’ spokespersons and organizers are planning a welcome relief and plenty of fun to start the summer.

“Each year, the St. Kitts Music Festival combines music, Caribbean island culture and elements of carnival-type block parties with world class performances from a wide variety of internationally popular music genres,” Senator Ricky Skerritt, minister of Tourism & International Transport said.

“What results is an authentic, festive atmosphere and sense of connection to the music and to our destination. Plus, this year’s Festival will incorporate special elements in celebration of our twin-island Federation’s 30th Anniversary of Independence in 2013, so the energy is bound to be particularly high.”

The talent line-up has not yet been finalized however, Caribbean nationals and visitors have been guaranteed a fun-filled festival.

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