Mandela opens door to U.S. First Lady

Resigned from public duty, former South African President Nelson Mandela rarely receives visitors. However, he made an exception last week by opening his home to first lady Michelle Obama who made a three-day visit to his country. According to the Associated Press, Graca Machel, wife of the 92-year-old international hero, greeted the wife of President Barrack Obama to the home and described her as “queen of our world.”

Accompanied by her daughters, Malia and Sasha, mother Marian Robinson and nephew and niece Avery and Leslie Robinson, the first lady enjoyed a 30-minute, unscheduled visit to Houghton, Johannesburg where the first Black president of the African nation resides. Reportedly, the leader shared readings of his work with the visiting spouse and also introduced her to some of his relatives.

There on a goodwill mission to Botswana and South Africa Obama reflected on Black struggle for equality here saying: “Nearly 50 years after the victories of the U.S. civil rights movement, we still struggle every day to perfect our union and live up to our ideals.”

“And every day, it is our young people who are leading the way” by joining the military, teaching in struggling schools and volunteering countless hours in their communities.

“Today, I want you to know that as you seek to lift up your families, your communities, your countries and our world, you are never alone.”

The first lady visited a Black township, the apartheid museum, a church and other centers of interest where she reportedly promoted youth leadership, health awareness and volunteerism.

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