Makin’ Style’ glossy for February launch

Cover of “Makin’ Style.”

Sonia Noel is involved in many ventures – she is a fashion designer, Reality TV Show host, Guyana Fashion Weekend’s CEO -but most of all, she is a visionary whose captivating personality and sense of style will be transformed onto the pages of a new magazine.

This February, Noel will take on her new role as publisher when the first issue of Makin’ Style– a trendsetting and lifestyle quarterly that captures the vibes, entertainment and arts of Guyana and the Caribbean – is distributed free in the region.

The much anticipated, 120-page glossy has a planned circulation in the Diaspora with a moderate price tag, said Noel, who looks to celebrate the architecture and cultural diversity of Georgetown and its rich history of Victorian style and Dutch influences.

“There is no other place with a compelling admixture -a unique colonial presence and a modern urban backdrop- where South America meets the Caribbean – than Guyana, said the publisher.

Noel said the magazine will be edgy, bold, colorful, and bursting with stirring features of influential Caribbean personalities, refreshing topics, and epic layout.

“Makin’ Style is about living the Caribbean life through the eyes of our trendsetters, our visionaries, movers and shaker,” added Noel, who is excited about showcasing the beauty of Guyana’s flora and fauna and the country’s cascading waterfalls, rolling mountains and bustling diversity.

The quarterly will give readers a striking look into Guyana’s thriving tourism attractions, its folk culture, mouthwatering cuisine, its past, and inspiring future.

As a leading couturier, Noel is also focused on showcasing her exquisite creations, as well as those of other fashion designers in the region, with a planned fashion directory in the publication.

The goal of the fanzine- that will also be in digital format – is to meet the need of the ever growing expat community, keeping them in tuned with events at home that shape the country’s developing landscape.

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