Make way for Macgizmo

Jamaica continues to be a hotbed for new musical talent.

Singer/songwriter. Jane Macgizmo, 23, of Mandeville is one of the latest examples of a true undiscovered gem to hit the scene.

Macgizmo (born Denieze Anderson) a formally trained pianist, started writing and creating melodies on the keyboard at the tender age of 10. From there on, she discovered that all she wanted to do was to entertain and perform for audiences..

She showed a knack for storytelling on her first single, “Black Skin” (produced by SOS Dynamikz) where she talked about a former lover’s irresistible dark skin and facial features.

“I was addicted to him, so it was always an upward battle trying to resist him,” she says. “It was a continuous struggle trying to fight back the temptation of sex.”

In the song. I mention: “You’re my only sin comes in” where it’s not only referring to my ex-lover but sex on a whole.

The song also looks to empower the love of darker skin, as I think about the prejudice that still remains in Jamaica, which has given rise to bleaching and dark skinned people not loving themselves the way they should,” Macgizmo adds.

When listening to the track, “Black Skin” Jane manages to weave an unusual musical mix of a rich Afro-soulful funk and jazz with a bit of Caribbean flavor, and a pinch of raspy vocals that will surely have you begging for more.

Currently working on her extyended-play album titled,“Freedom of Speech.” Macgizmo is also putting the finishing touches to her second single called “Babylon,” which will be available on I-Tunes in a couple of weeks.

Jane Macgizmo is definitely one to look out for. She’s a shining star on the rise in music.

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