Maj. Lorna Lee Hosang-Davidson: Proud to be a nurse

Lorna Lee Ho-Sang-Davidson emigrated from Jamaica when she was 12.

Shortly after graduating from the nursing track at Clara Barton High School, she obtained her LSN. She enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve. A quarter of a century later, Major Lorna Lee Ho-Sang-Davidson has served her country for more than 25 years.

Major Ho-Sang-Davidson has used her clinical skills working in intensive care units and emergency rooms in civilian and military hospitals.

Her three deployments took her to Saudi Arabia in support of Desert Shield and Desert Storm and Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, she served as head nurse / OIC of ICU and then chief nurse supervising treatment and discharge of 400 patients, each treated with dignity and respect regardless of their status.

She is currently on active duty orders as the clinical operation officer, medical readiness officer and assistant chief nurse assigned to the 48th Combat Hospital at Ft. Meade, MD.

In civilian, the major works as the contract nurse at Keller Community Hospital providing care to active and retired army personnel.

Holding associate and bachelor degrees in nursing, Major Ho-Sang-Davidson is attending Mercy College in the graduate nursing track.

The major has received numerous military awards and decorations.

Major Ho-Sang-Davidson was greatly influenced by her friend and former coworker Bernadette Jackson.

She says, “While working as an LPN in the ER at Lincoln Hospital, I observed her patience, bedside manners and nursing skills. She was always available and ready to share her experience and knowledge.”

As a novice nurse, she saw first-hand what a nurse and caregiver should be. “Since then,” she says, “the reward of serving in the healthcare field — civilian and military — makes me proud to say, ‘I am a nurse.’ ”

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