Mad at life insurance

Would you leave your children alone with a stranger? I ask that because I recently left a message with a wife who was annoyed that I was calling. Calling to follow up on a conversation I had with her husband about getting life insurance. The troubling part is that the husband had no life insurance and five children. I was calling to reschedule a meeting we had to postpone.

Yes, the wife was mad and annoyed that I continued to call her husband about getting life insurance. Life insurance she would receive if something happened to him. Talk about cutting your hand to spite your face. I would have thought that she might ask how she could get life insurance also.

I know calls from people we don’t know can be a little overwhelming these days but I was absolutely stunned by the attitude. A very negative attitude considering the fact that her husband had initially requested the quote.

Here I was talking about securing her financial future if something happened to him and I was treated like I was pitching a Bernie Madoff investment. The conversation ended by her saying, “he will call you if he’s interested.” Click! At that point I had the sinking feeling that my message was going to end up in file folder 13, aka the trash can.

We all get annoyed with the mailings and the callings we get from telemarketers. But again, some of what’s presented is for our own good. Don’t let the fact that you were disturbed prevent you from taking advantage of something you can benefit from.

Now in the case of this husband and wife if something should happen to either one or both of them, they leave nothing to care for the five children.

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