Playwright and actor Wanly Florexlie.

“Love is Blind,” the movie thriller, was expected to be released on Valentine’s Eve at theaters in Brooklyn, according to entertainment promoter Marie Driven.

Driven, the Haitian-American managing partner of the Brooklyn-based PlaybookMG told Caribbean Life that the film will be shown at Kent movie theaters in Coney Island.

Starring Jonathan Duran and Wanly Florexile, Driven said “Love is Blind” is “a movie that warns that people who carry vengeance can also be anyone and everybody who gets judged, juried and executed.

“The mantra behind the upcoming film is everybody is a suspect,” she said. “Based on the critically acclaimed web series of the same name, it features and highlights the similar themes of cultural clashes and forbidden love, while expanding on ideas of murder and retribution.

“Similar to successful TV shows, ‘The Wire and Power,’ ‘Love is Blind’ combines gritty street crime along with corporate corruption and classy gang violence to curate a trilling mood that puts viewers in the fast-paced and visceral tone of the movie,” Driven added.

“Two trailers show multiple scenes of captivating gun violence in search of a psychopathic killer [who] murders civilians all over the city,” she added. “The cops are in hot pursuit, but the road to solving the case is not easy.”

Driven said “Love is Blind” is also directed and conceptualized by actor-director and producer Florexile, “who is showcasing his versatility as a media guru.

“He is an independent filmmaker from Brooklyn and in front of and behind the camera, which is rare,” she said. “He is also the creator of the web series behind the film.”

Driven said “Love is Blind” is based on a life story of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, “with an urban flavor of thrilling caliber.”

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