Lots of love in building for Habitat-NYC

Brooklyn resident, Regina Thompson, a future Habitat-NYC homeowner and school service manager, worked side-by-side with volunteers on the Valentine’s Day Build.
Photo by Tequila Minsky
Photo by Tequila Minsky

The most current of Habitat-NYC’s “100 homes in Brooklyn” project, Halsey St. near Broadway in Bed-Stuy was filled with a lot of love during its Valentine’s Day Build (the weekend before), especially when volunteer couples, along with family partners and former Mets star and SNY broadcaster Ron Darling braved the cold and the slush to paint six affordable homes.

The second time doing “hands-on” work with Habitat-NYC, Darling is also a member of Habitat-NYC’s Board of Directors, inspired by the dedication of future Habitat-NYC owners. “They are passionate about their neighborhoods and will make them better,” he said. Darling spent the day with eight couples who raised more than $4,000 altogether towards construction costs. This was a different way to spend a Valentine’s Day weekend.

Kim Scherer and her husband Stu Scherer wanted to share their blessings with others. Kim said: “My husband and I have been talking for some time about doing something together (like volunteering for Habitat-NYC) but have never done it. When this Valentine’s Day opportunity became available, we both instantly knew that this was meant to be. We are very blessed in our lives and both want to give back and help others.” Kim and Stu have been married for 13 years.

Regina Thompson, a future Habitat-NYC homeowner and school service manager, worked side-by-side with volunteers. She and her two-year-old son Jaden live in a bone-chilling, one-bedroom basement apartment, and Regina said she wants to give him a better life. “I enjoy working with other families who are trying to better their housing situation, and I meet people from all walks of life,” said Regina, who plans to volunteer with Habitat after she moves into her new home.

The Halsey Street building has only has about two more months of work left until completion. In the very near future, this location will be home to six new Habitat families.

Habitat for Humanity-NYC transforms lives and New York City by building quality homes for families in overcrowded or substandard housing. The organization unites all New Yorkers in its advocacy for affordable housing. Find out more about home ownership opportunities with Habitat at habitatnyc.org.

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