Lorena McEachrane

Lorena McEachrane, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, immigrated as a child and it is since then that she wanted to be part of the healthcare profession.

“My dad, Rev. V.H. McEachrane, influenced my decision to go into this field,” she says, lovingly citing his ability to share knowledge, his kind, gentle manner, his love of God, and service to man.

Ms. McEachrane graduated from Helene Fuld College of Nursing and attended Los Angeles Community College.

She started in 1976 at Cedar Sinai Medical Center where this licensed practical nurse worked for almost 15 years in the areas of maternal child health, post-partum, nursery, pediatrics and ICU.

For 16 years, Beverly’s Home Care has employed her as a private duty nurse. She has been working with a 10-year-old special needs child since infancy and is effectively the nurse, mother, teacher and playmate.

Sharing her vast experience working with homebound patients, she says, “We do a lot of hand washing. Cleanliness is most important. It is something we are constantly aware of and it is done on an on-going basis.” She emphasizes that if the area is kept clean, the home can be a safer environment from infections than a hospital.

Ms. McEachrane works the evening shift — 3 pm to 11 pm, full time. Beverly Nichols who nominated her says, “She is very dedicated and goes beyond the call of duties.”

“I always remain calm,” this nurse relates, “whether administering to critical medical needs or neutralizing an emotionally anxious situation.”

Additionally, weekly, for the past 18 months, Ms. McEachrane ministers to the bumps and bruises, medical or special needs of preschoolers.

She also works on occasion as a hospice nurse, caring for terminally ill at the end of their life, easing their passing.

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