Loobie’s latest: The Snow Kingdom

For the last 41 years, Port of Spain, Trinidad native Pauleen Loobie has been nothing short of spectacular on Easter Park, taking home accolades one after the other. From Junior King, to Best Band of the Year, Individual Queen, and Band Leader, among others.

This year, the veteran Carnival aficionado is ready to once again impress the judges. She will present a breathtaking arrow of all-white costumes in her themed Snow Kingdom, when she competes in the small band category.

Loobe’s band, Mango Tree Productions, will illuminate the parade route massing in six sections. They include; Snow Kingdom Gods, Snowmen, the Matrons, and Elsa Queen of the Gods, to name a few.

In addition to Snow Kingdom’s participating in the Boston Carnival, the Junior Band will take to the streets of Brooklyn on Sept. 5, to vie for the same titles of Best Kiddies band, and Junior King, that Loobie says her son won some years ago.

Designers Clifford Smith and Rudy Osborn, along with Loobie, created a collection of stunning costumes to capture the theme of the band. The end product is a magical Snow Kingdom that will render both spectators and judges speechless.

Loobie goes for more of a modest look on the Parkway, as such, her ensembles include high-waist shorts, whole swimsuits, beaded bras, bustier with mini skirts, tights, and flowing skirts for the more mature reveler.

The pieces are cut from iridescent fabric and trimmed with luminous braiding. The bras are festooned with tons of white pearls, streamers, and silver studs.

The males will be dressed in knee-length shorts, with a crisscross design on their chest to partially cover their nakedness.

The beautiful creations are then matched with dynamic headpieces designed from cocktail and plum feathers, and trimmed with iridescent braiding.

All adult costumes are $250.00, while the junior pieces are priced at $75.00.

Loobie, who spoke passionately about her love of carnival and the spirit of the festival that runs deep in her bloodline, said whenever she goes to bed, she say a pray for help. To this end, the bandleader added that she could feel herself brushing the gold dust from her pillow in a dream, a phenomenon that allows her to produce a winning concept, every time.

“I am really into the mas. I get up the next day and I create the theme for my band,” added Loobie, who noted that, with the help of everyone in her team the band has been very successful. “I feel proud of myself, as a female I get to be a band leader because in the past the competition was male-dominated, but I leaned from my deceased aunt, Pearl Guevara, a former band leader, who taught me the business.”

Loobie was also inspired by pros including Cliford Smith, NaSenior Gomesz, and Steven Derek.

“If I am taught something, I work hard to be better than my teacher,” added the Carnival monarch who will unveil her surprise costume on the day of the parade.

Loobie, who started out massing under the banner Pauleen and Associates, wanted her band to be inclusive of everyone, hence the new name Mango Production, because mango trees are found in every Caribbean county.

The 1092 E. 54th Street in Brooklyn, (between Avenues I and J) Mango Productions Mas Tent, opens from 6 pm daily, with later hours on the weekend. For more information, call (347) 772–4843, for go to Mango Productions on @instagram

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