Local fundraiser to aid children’s center in Guyana

Dr. Roy Hastick and Mrs. Hastick, join Carl Guilliams after a fundraising event to aid Joshua House Children Center in Guyana.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Patrons of the Carl & Clarina Guilliams Foundation enjoyed a third successful garden party filled with entertainment on Sunday, Aug. 27, to raise much needed funds for the Joshua House Children Center in Guyana.

Carl Guilliams, a man whose charitable giving dates back to more than 40 years when he immigrated to the United States, threw a hospitable occasion in his beautiful lush 42nd Street, Brooklyn garden, where benefactors called the retired businessman someone who gave generously to the community.

The fundraiser was well supported. Entertainers included musician Hilton Hemmerding, Evangelist Donna Sandy, motivational speaker and reverend of Unity Temple of Christ in Queens, Dr. Julia Melchore, while President and Founder of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Roy Hastick and socialite, Sybil Chester paid it forward.

Guests mingled and greeted each other, whilst enjoying fine Guyanese cuisine and liquid refreshments much to the delight of host Carl Guilliams, who thanked his friends, and reflected on his obligation to give back to Guyana.

“My brothers, sister and I came from that era where my mother had a difficult time raising six children, but we were blessed that she was ambitious, and encouraged us to come to Americas for a better life.

“We later came together, and felt we should share and help the less fortunate, since we continue to be blessed, said Guilliams,” adding that when the foundation started, he and his siblings were bankrolling all of the needs of the children at Joshua House Children’s Center, where Britain’s Prince Harry paid a visit earlier this year.

“Fortunately for the family members, friends stepped up to donate to the charity, giving financial help and gifts to make it possible for the children to enjoy a fun and sports day last year in Georgetown, and hopefully we will continue to find good contributors to aid the foundation,” said Guilliams.

Dr. Hastick thanked Carl for his philanthropic efforts in raising funds for this worth cause to help the needy in his homeland, reminiscing that when he first arrived in America in the seventies, Carl was the first person to help him to succeed in Brooklyn.

“Carl was the community leader, he was a friend, father, a brother, and he helped me with my newspaper, and where I am today,” said Dr. Hastick who said Carl was the most successful entrepreneur of Guyanese heritage in Brooklyn.

“Some forget their humble beginnings. We don’t talk about the challenges we faced,” said Hastick, who lauded Carl for all of his contributions that included helping to make the trade center — Caton Market, and the Flatbush housing development realities.

“Thank you Carl. No man is an island. We can’t do it alone. We have to help each other. Reach out, and reach back to our children to mentor and train them to also succeed.”

“Congratulations, you have paved the way,” said Dr. Hastick who called on patrons to adopt a family or a village back home, “contribute to Joshua House in Guyana,” he encouraged the gathering.

The children’s home established by Barbara Burrows in 1977 and led by Matron Gladys Accra houses 65 children and is always in need of help to foster education and social skills.

Many have successfully graduate from high school and have attended the University of Guyana through donations from various organizations.

If you would like to becoming a donor, or volunteer of the Carl & Clarina Guilliams Foundation, football and education initiatives, contact Carl Guilliams at 347-852-7500.

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