Living it up at Iberostar, Jamaica

Aerial view of Iberostar Rose Hall.
Iberostar Rose Hall

Sun-filled days, white sand, unlimited food and drinks along with scenic views at Iberostar Rose Hall is definitely the place you want to be. The five-star hotel and resort are located in the upscale community of Rosehall, 20 minutes from the Sangster International airport. The facility comprises three properties: Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Suites, and Grand. Although all three hotels are on the same complex they are operated separately.

Tamika Higgins-Baker, national sales and marketing manager of Iberostar Rose Hall, explained, “When Iberostar came to Jamaica the idea was not to separate the properties with respect to different parishes but to ideally have everything in Montego Bay but offer three concepts. So whatever your budget is we have something for everyone from the low-end to high-end.”

Wake up to a view of the water; soak up the sun from a walk-up balcony at the Iberostar Beach property. The economical family-friendly property boasts standard junior suites, four specialty restaurants (Japanese, Cajun, and Steakhouse), buffet and both an outdoor and children swimming pool, room service from 11 am – 11 pm. If the sun isn’t hot enough for you, break a sweat at the their gym and fitness classes. However, if you stay at this property you would not have access to the amenities in Suites or Grand as you will have to upgrade.

Rise with the sun and enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the beach. The AAA Four-Diamond rated Rose Hall Suites is a high-end family-friendly property and the best of both worlds between Beach and Grand. The Suites property received the four-diamond rating for its stylish upscale physical attributes, extensive amenities and a high degree of hospitality, service and attention to detail. Enjoy 24-hour room service, access to the gym and fitness programs, complimentary WIFI throughout the resort, access to four specialty restaurants (Mediterranean, Gourmet, Mexican, and Steakhouse), and buffet along with the amenities the Rose Hall Beach has to offer.

Experience luxury on the shores of the Caribbean in the adult only Grand Hotel Rose Hall. Enjoy the best view out all the properties. “Grand Hotel offers a better view with respect to how the hotel is situated,” said Higgins-Baker. The AAA Four-Diamond rated property has 295 suites with whirlpool, including 104 oceanfront properties and four handicap accessible suites. It boasts both butler and concierge service, four swimming pools and an infinity pool, WIFI throughout the hotel, visitors will never have to eat the same thing twice with four specialty restaurants (Japanese, Gourmet, Steakhouse and Italian) including the restaurants and amenities at both Beach and Suites properties. “The Grand caters a lot to the service needs and to the details, so it’s top of the line high-end,” says Higgins-Baker. “Iberostar is not just a resort hotel, it is an experience. Iberostar experience is all about how the staff mingle and what they provide for the guest.”

Aside from amenities, Iberostar prides itself in its exclusive entertainment. They don’t get performers just for special occasions they hire their performers ensuring a consistent experience that visitors will never forget. “Everything is a production here at Iberostar so we don’t outsource dancers or singers, we hire them, we do our own thing,” says Higgins-Baker. “You would have to come to the hotel and experience what we have to offer.”

The glitz and the glam of the hotel and resort are never-ending but what makes it special is the effort from the Spanish-chain, to retain the vibe of the country. “Yes the company is predominantly Spanish and we do have people from different countries that are working but 90 percent of the staff are Jamaicans,” says Higgins-Baker. “So even though it’s a Spanish chain you still get the Jamaican experience.” Community efforts are a big part of what Iberostar Rose Hall does. “We have adopted several school in the Montego Bay area, we partnered with the Spanish foundation of Jamaica to build a brand new school that caters to the physically challenged kids. We also partner with a lot of grassroots Jamaican events like Sumfest, The Heart foundation of Jamaica, and Bustamante Hospital.”

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