‘Live Your Life’ tops reggae charts

Richie Stephens.

Jamaica’s music ambassador Richie Stephens is still celebrating the positive response from music lovers, friends and well wishers for his hit single “Live Your Life,” which was recorded last year with his friend Gentleman.

“Live Your Life” topped reggae charts in New York, Florida, Atlanta and Jamaica and was voted the #2 song for 2011 on the Miami Top Ten Charts in Florida. The tribute song was recorded weeks after Stephens’ son Demar Graham (Copper Cat) was shot and killed outside his home in Kingston.

“‘Live Your Life’ is a blessing to me because it came at a time when I really needed it,” the tearful singer confessed.

Stephens said given the good vibes he has had working with Gentleman and the overwhelming support they received when “Live You Life” was performed live in front of a crowd of 750,000 in Poland last year, they returned to the studio and recorded “Warrior.”

The new track was released ahead of Richie’s performance at the 16th annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival in Trelawny on Friday, Jan. 27 where Gentleman was his special guest.

“Radio has embraced ‘Warrior’ and fans are loving it as well. This is a powerful song that I feel confident will do big things for us in 2012 and beyond,” he said.

“I have been preparing for this moment for a very long time. I look forward to deliver many of the hits that I have recorded over the years. The highlight will be performing ‘Warrior’ and ‘Live Your Life’ with Gentleman. My performance will have added significance given that this year our beloved country is celebrating 50 years of independence. Gentleman is also fired up and ready to unleash musical selections for his many fans in Jamaica” he said.

Stephens, who was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, has contributed much to the development of reggae music. He was part of the two-time Grammy winning act Soul II Soul and was signed to USA based Motown Records in the 1980’s. He has released several popular singles and albums including a gospel disc titled “The Man Upstairs” that won rave reviews. In 2006, he was awarded the Jamaican Governor-General’s Achievement Award for contributing to civic, social and recreational projects in and around the parish of Westmoreland.

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