Lisel S. Hall-Grant

A family illness set the course for a young woman’s future. That was the case for Liesl S. Hall-Grant who remembers helping her younger brother in Guyana when he became sick.

Also setting the course, “It was the picture of Florence Nightingale standing in front of the hospital in England in her starched white uniform, crisp hat and navy blue cape that sealed it for me,” she says. “I wanted to be her.”

She got her start, at age 16, volunteering at Coney Island Hospital followed by internships at other local hospitals.

Ms. Hall-Grant has been in healthcare for 34 years, a registered nurse for 27 years. A nurse leader with experience specializing in pediatrics, pediatric critical care, nursing regulation, and business development, Ms. Hall-Grant is also a legal nurse consultant.

Ms. Hall-Grant is a clinical nurse manager for inpatient pediatrics at New York Presbyterian Hospital Queens.

This nurse cites her mother as always believing in her and offering support, “She is my rock.”

She also acknowledges Dr. Dorothy Ramsey who “pushed me to academic limits” and nominated her for the New York State Board of Nursing. Ms. Hall-Grant has been a member for the last 15 years and is twice a past chair of the New York State Board.

As a member of the board, she screens professional misconduct claims, participates in disciplinary hearings and provides input on changes in scope of practice for nurses across the state.

Additionally, Ms. Hall-Grant presents information on health care and nursing regulation to schools, nurses, and nurse leaders.

She also chairs the Calvary and St. Cyprian’s Community Health Fair Committee and launched her own legal nurse consulting practice, last year.

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