‘Life in the Rain Forest’

Courtesy of Giselle Fritz and Associates

Torrential rains in the Caribbean last year created a damp and dense atmosphere in the forested area where my family and I vacationed.

The flora and fauna challenged us and we endured the constant buzz of the various insects. The melodious sounds of the birds, the beautiful flowers and plants were a joy to behold.

My sister Dawn and I decided that we should not keep that experience in our minds, so we did some research. We then decided to convert this experience into our Carnival presentation. Hence “Life in the Rain Forest” was born.

Discussing further with friends, two of them, who liked the idea agreed to join with us for the 2015 presentation. Since it is a children’s band we used our creativity to match the life in the rain forest to the simplicity of childhood. The participants will be aged one to 15.

The beauty of the band is expressed in bright and inviting colors that depict the richness of the rain forest.

The following are the sections:

Section 1: A Bug’s Life in the Rain Forest.

Among the trees in the rain forest lives bugs large and small. Here the tiny bumble bees and lady bugs thrive. Their spotted bodies with wings red and yellow make them shine brightly on the leaves. See them spread their wings and fly away.

Section 2: Pride of the Rain Forest

The peacock is a proud creature that struts elegantly through the forest with its feathery plum displayed. Iridescent colors of yellow, green, blue and purple are spread out in the plum and in the group. These peacocks wear colorful skirts and leotards matching there magnificent tail and around their neck a jeweled neckpiece.

Section 3: Blooming In the Rain Forest

At times the forest is blooming with beautiful flora. Brilliant colors light up the green canopy in the forest. Flowers bloom profusely in the forest and form a welcoming picture.

Section 4: Flight of the Rainforest

The macaw is a tropical bird. They are beautiful, colorful birds. Its body is a brilliant red and when it spread its wings, the colors of the rainforest come alive in green, red and yellow representing the foliage. In flight, they spread their beautifully colored wings and tail.

Section 5: Wild Life of the Rain Forest

The rainforest is home to many wild animals. The animals that roam the forest are often camouflaged between the trees. Hunters roam the forest. They wear feathered head dress and adorned their nude bodies with jaguar prints and sashes.

Section 6: Tribe of the Rain Forest

There are many tribes in the rain forest. This tribe is dressed in traditional wear. They cover their bodies with fabric or gold and orange which reflect the environment. They adorned their heads with elaborate headdresses. They wear fabric of gold and orange and earth tones that reflect the environment.

The costumes are custom made to the designs. The accessories enhance and depict the partials of the designs.

Some of the individuals who were with us from the inception of the band were again encouraged to design their own costumes with help from us [Giselle and Dawn]. This idea was successful in the last presentation. In addition, the band, the queen and the individuals have all placed in the first three position throughout the years.

We feel a sense of pride and excitement in making this idea a reality. It is a joy to anticipate the happiness that we hope to bring to the young ones who celebrate the culture of our islands.

The band is all inclusive. Care and supervision are assured each child.

This year the group will supply books and toys to form a library in Nestor Village in Quaico, Trinidad. Giselle Fritz and Associates welcome Seanalee and Dana Nurse who will be responsible for two sections.

Contact information:

Giselle: 347-737-9326 cell

Michelle: 917-600-1616

Dana: 718-213-7214

Seanalee: 201-892-6773

Mass Camp 261 E 34St

between Church & Snyder

Tuesday to Thursday (4 pm to 8 pm)

Friday to Sunday (3 pm to 9 pm)

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