LASCO MoneyGram leads remittance services

Chairman of LASCO Affiliated Companies - Hon. Lascelles Chin receives MoneyGram Award as Brand Ambassador. Presenting is LFSL Managing Director Jacinth Hall-Tracey.
Photo courtesy of LASCO Financial Services Ltd.

LASCO Financial Services Ltd. and MoneyGram International’s solid partnership has provided convenient and affordable remittance services to Jamaica for more than 10 years. An expansive branch network and consistent service delivery enables Jamaicans, to care for their families and transact business from remote locations with ease. This has catapulted the company’s offerings to the top spot in the region. MoneyGram International, who currently holds the number two spot globally as a large money transfer company with 1.5 billion in annual revenues, continues to heap accolades on the company as a result of its remarkable performance.

The company entered the market in 2004 with only 10 sub-agents. By June 2007, the remittance company copped an award from MoneyGram International for ‘Fastest Growth’ having registered three years of high business volume. In February 2009, the company received the award for ‘Top Remittance Agent’, with 69 sub-agents registered. In 2011, LASCO received the MoneyGram International Award for ‘Top Receive Agent and Largest Network in Jamaica and the Caribbean with more than 80 sub-agents. LASCO’S performance has continually surpassed the other MoneyGram agents registered in Jamaica

In recognition of the company’s outstanding performance Chairman of LASCO Affiliated Companies, the Hon. Lascelles Chin O.J., C.D., was named the MoneyGram Brand Ambassador to Jamaica in 2013. “Jamaica has a large diaspora. Many caregivers work outside of Jamaica and care for families at home and we provide a low cost and efficient facility that is easily accessed anywhere in island. We understand the role this plays in keeping families together and sustaining our economy. We saw the need and we offered a solution that is well received,” he explained.

The company’s strength and excellent track record are largely as a result of a rigorous authentication process for sub-agents. LASCO MoneyGram sub-agents are carefully chosen to ensure locations are central and operations are within international standards. Managing Director of LASCO Financial Services Ltd., Mrs. Jacinth Hall-Tracey explains that sub-agents are selected to ensure Jamaicans can access the services wherever they are in the island. “We left our offices and went to the customer in their neighborhoods to find out what was convenient for them. We explored options with a view to granting customers easy access, an affordable and fast option for transfers. Coupled with the ability to operate within international standards we selected a network of outstanding agents that effectively service this market.” Each LASCO MoneyGram sub-agent is trained and equipped to ensure quality standards are met.”

LASCO MoneyGram provides remittance services through 92 sub-agents conveniently located island-wide. Customers can transfer funds from anywhere in the world to recipients in Jamaica in just 10 minutes. The strategic partnership continues to succeed as a result of structured management of resources, caring for the customers’ need for reliable and comfortable service and core competences as well as managing relationships with sub- agents.

LASCO Financial Services Ltd., enlisted on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Junior Market in 2010. The company copped awards in 2012 and 2013 in the category ‘best performing company’ on the Junior Market.

The LASCO Affiliated Companies remain committed to improving the lives of Jamaicans and contributing to nation building. LASCO sponsors three national ambassadorial programmes that reward and support outstanding men and women of the police force, the nursing and teaching professions. The companies sponsor the “Police of the Year,” “Nurse of the Year,” “Principal of the Year” and “Teacher of the Year.” LASCO Financial Services is also a major sponsor of community development and integrations programs including the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s Festival Queen Competition and the Social Development Commissions (SDC) National Twenty/20 Community Cricket Competition.

LASCO MoneyGram is focused and dedicated to providing continued innovative and effective money transfer services to its customers. These funds are essential to maintaining the independence of each and every customer to buy school supplies, food, pay bills and cover other expenses. “At LASCO MoneyGram we care for our customers, we are committed to success and demonstrate integrity among all stake holders,” said Hall-Tracey.

LASCO Financial Services Managing Director Jacinth Hall-Tracey presents the trophy to the winners of the SDC National Community Cricket.
Photo courtesy of LASCO Financial Services Ltd.

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