LASCO Financial Services wins MoneyGram’s Agent of the Year Award

LASCO Financial Services in Kingston, Jamaica is the recepient of MoneyGram’s 2014 agent of the year award for the company’s Caribbean region. The award, which was presented in Miami on Oct. 29, recognizes the company for outstanding international business development and selfless contribution to the marketing efforts of MoneyGram services.

Previously, the company has been recognized by MoneyGram for Fastest Growth, Top Remittance Agent, Top Receive Agent and Largest Network in Jamaica and the Caribbean. In 2013, Lascelles Chin was named the MoneyGram Brand Ambassador to Jamaica in recognition of the company’s outstanding performance.

Beverley Douglas, deputy general manager for remittances at LASCO Financial Services was elated at receiving the award. “The LASCO Financial Services team is deeply honoured to have been awarded the top remittance agent in the Caribbean for 2014. This award is the result of our hardworking staff, dedicated sub agents, loyal customers and our supportive partner MoneyGram International. We are encouraged to continue the strategies which have taken us this far and which we hope will continue to position us as a global leader in the remittance service industry.”

The relationship between LASCO Financial Services Ltd and MoneyGram has resulted in convenient and affordable remittance services to Jamaica for over 10 years. The company is driven by its passion to provide premium services that enable Jamaicans, to care for their families and transact business from remote locations with ease.

“LASCO Financial Services demonstrates a total commitment to the development of MoneyGram services in Jamaica,” said Peter George Smith, MoneyGram’s regional director for the Caribbean. “The impact of the marketing and technological development programs they’ve built to better serve our Jamaican consumers at home and abroad is something that can benefit agents in our other key Caribbean markets.”

LASCO provides MoneyGram remittance services through more than 90 sub-agents conveniently located island-wide. Customers can transfer funds from anywhere in the world to recipients in Jamaica in just 10 minutes.

The LASCO Financial Services team remains committed to improving the lives of Jamaicans through continued innovative and effective money transfer services to its customers.

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