Know yourself: Nicole McLaren Campbell’s self-help book

Nicole McLaren Campbell, founder of AIM Educational Services and author of self-help book “Make it Count.”
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Help yourself by knowing yourself!

In a new self-help book by educator and debut author Nicole McLaren Campbell — wife of Jamaican artist Jeffrey “Agent Sasco” Campbell — she challenges readers to finding their true purpose in life with some self-examination. Her book titled “Make it Count,” calls on readers to headstart on a life toward their dreams without the many obstacles preventing them. She says if someone is stalling on a goal and overthinking its completion, her guide aims to help in deciding the next step.

“The book is definitely a push and its a great starting point because sometimes people just need a little push — all of us,” said McLaren-Campbell.

Often the go-to person for advice, she wrote the book to discuss everything she has journeyed through to simarly coach people.

“I enjoy giving people a push that they need,” she said. “That’s the type of motivation it gives you, and it also challenges you to say: ‘Is that project that important to me?’ and ‘What is the price of me not completing it?’ — because sometimes the goal is not that important.”

In the quick 39-page read, Campbell discusses the five different aspects of reaching your goals — such as fear, procrastination, courage, purpose, and staying motivated. The universal audience for her book all relate to the stagnancy in the lives of big dreamers.

She was tasked to creating the book when she realized her following on social media were turning to her for answers on her own life journey. McLaren-Campbell would often post about overcoming fear and pushing herself, and people began inquiring on how she persevered. Not long after noticing the uptick in questions, she felt that her social media postings could have a bigger impact to her following if there was a book to rely on.

“People were reaching out to me and I found myself responding to a lot of questions centered around the same theme — and I always felt it was my mission to reach and empower people,” she said. “I saw that I had the opportunity to empower people around their goals, and if my mission is to reach as many people as possible I know that a book was the answer.”

Twenty years ago, McLaren-Campbell was featured in a Nickelodeon documentary highlighting young and influential teens and in Teen People Magazine as one of “20 teens Who Will Change the World.” Now two decades after that ranking, she went on to attend prestigious schools in Jamaica and the states, and founded her own tutoring company — AIM Educational Services.

Watching the video for the first time at an book signing earlier this month, Campbell says looking back she is proud of how she figured herself out in those years.

“It’s inspiring, it gives you energy, and it gives sense of reassurance that you’re on the right path,” she said. “It’s exciting and it’s encouraging because even as an adult I continue to dream big. And just to know that I stayed focused and put in the work to follow my purpose, has led my mission to make my goals happen.”

Campbell said her main goals with the book were to provide people with a quick reference guide to use whenever they needed a motivational coach, and remind them to live life without wasting a day.

“This is it and we have this one life to live — some of us are living like there is this other one waiting and it’s just a dress rehearsal,” said Campbell. “But I guess I want everyone to remember that this it right here and right now, and we owe it to ourselves to make it the best way that we can because that’s where true joys lies as well.”

Campbell’s book “Make it Count” can be purchased can be purchased on Amazon.

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From left, Campbell and her husband and artists Jeffrey “Agent Sasco” Campbell, and children Ally, Lauren, and Joshua.
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