Kirstie Toussaint

Kirstie Toussaint was born in St. Thomas and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Her empathetic nature drew her to healthcare; Ms. Toussaint works as a registered nurse.

This nurse graduated with her LPN from Curtis High School on Staten Island where she found she was good at nursing. In these last two decades working in this field, she has continued her education to become the professional she is today.

In 2011, she earned her Master of Science Degree, cum laude, in nursing administration at New York University (NYU) and on graduation was named Distinguished Master’s Student in Nursing Administration, “an award given to one student who embodies the ideals and standards of their specialty.”

Working for Northwell Health, Ms. Toussaint is director of Patient Care Services for Nursing Administration at Lenox Hill Hospital. Additionally, she is designated the “Culture Leader” to ensure that the mission, vision and values of the organization remain a priority for everyone.

Ms. Toussaint knew she had to return to school for a masters degree. She cites her NYU graduate program director Eloise Cathcart as having an immense influence on her career.

“Little did I know, the experience was going to change my view of who I am in this world,” she says.

“Eloise taught me that success would be a reflection of my leadership. She taught me about comportment, how to lead an organization in times of constant change and to ensure that my focus was always on the people I serve.”

Co-worker Cathy Fogarty speaks of Ms. Toussaint, “She has grown from a staff nurse in maternal child arena to her role as a leader. Her Caribbean roots shine through in her leadership style with her artistic flair and political maturity, influencing a diverse group of care givers.”

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