Kiddies band goes on a fantastic journey

These masqueraders portray the “Safari” section of the kiddies mas band.
Giselle Fritz and Associates

Giselle Fritz and Associates has competed in the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA) Parade for the past 11 years. The band has had numerous successes, never failing to be among the first three places in the small band category. Its individuals have left their mark in both the Individual category and the King and Queen presentations.

Band Leader Giselle Fritz said the band has been involved in charitable work.

Last year, the band took a hiatus as members directed their attention to the ordination of a Trinidadian priest to be the bishop of Grenada.

This year Giselle Fritz and Associates will use their phenomenal experience from a fantastic journey to create a presentation of fantasy. “What a journey we had from a safari to the excellent and joyous celebration in an African village,” said the band leader.

“What a Journey” is the name chosen for our 2018 presentation. Giselle Fritz and Associates fantasizes the journey with these sections — Safari, Hunters, Royalty, Blue Waters, and Celebration. The sections will display brilliant costumes made of lame, African fabrics and lace, embellished with braid, glitter, sequence and rhine stones.

The band will cater for children ages one to 18 and is all inclusive. Parents are assured of their children’s safety.

This year Patti Anne Williams joins Giselle Fritz and Associates. She brings years of knowledge in the carnival industry. Michael Fuentes came on board this year to assist in constructing costumes.

“What a Journey” was created and designed by Giselle Fritz who has been designing and organizing junior bands in Trinidad and Brooklyn for more than 12 years.

“The aim of this presentation is to ensure that children enjoy themselves and come away with a sense that there is beauty in Africa. We feel great joy and excitement with this presentation,” said the band leader.

Contact information: Mass Camp: 208 Sullivan Place. Brooklyn NY, 11225. Contacts: Giselle Fritz- (3477)737-9326. Patti Ann Williams-(347)216-2793, Elffy Fritz- (718)421-5604, Candice Phillips-(646)703-8263, Michelle Saul-(917)600-1616, and Dexter Brathwaithe-(718)576-9001.

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