Kemba Walker tabbed in draft

Kemba Walker has been a winner on whatever team that he played from outside ball through college.

He has been on winning teams with the Gauchos in AAU competition, at Rice High School of the Catholic High Schools Athletic Association, and in the Big East Conference with UConn. He even played a very important role in the Huskies success of the NCAA tournament when he was named its Most Valuable Player of The Final Four-round.

During his three year career, he picked up so many awards including being named recipient of the Bob Cousy laurel, going to the outstanding point guard in the nation. Cousy is a New York native playing with the Boston Celtics at one time.

In addition, Walker was named on so many ‘all’ teams, including first team member on an all-American squad.

Now the native of The Bronx, who grew up in the same borough as for instance Tiny Archibald, who turned in an outstanding career in the National Basketball Association, just to name one individual, is taking his game to another level.

Basketball is not in his entire family, but he pursued it when he lived in The Bronx. His dream of becoming an NBA player thus came true. He completed his junior year at UConn and became an early entry candidate in the recent draft.

Now he will be living in Charlotte, for the Bobcats took him ninth in the first round in what some people termed was a ‘weak’ draft. He would have enjoyed more playing for his home town New York Knicks, which he thought about before the draft. He worked out for Charlotte, Detroit, Sacramento Toroto, and Utah.

At 6’1” 175-pound, Walker can do almost anything on the court, including rebound and defend. He is considered a true point guard with an average of 4.5 assists a game. As a junior, he ranked fourth in the nation and second in the Big East Conference with an average of 23.5 points contest. He is a point guard who can score! Any coach would enjoy having him.

Now Walker will be playing for Michael Jordan, a former all-star guard with the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. Jordan, whom some consider the greatest player ever to play the game, is currently chairman and CEO of the Charlotte franchise.

Jordan and his staff certainly liked him and he really wanted to have him on the roster. It was an ideal situation and he fits right into the rotation.

The rookie to be still must work on decision making and shooting if wants to start right away in the NBA. If there is a walk out, he will continue to get into shape for the season. Walker’s goal is to ensure that he is fully prepared when the season starts.

“Great things are happening,” added Kemba, whose father came to The Bronx from the Caribbean when the latter was 21 years of age.

“I’m happy to go to Charlotte and be in the NBA,” he added. “Jordan is giving me a chance. I can’t complain.”

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