Keeping kids active with hip-hop

Among hip-hop dancers, critics, and enthusiasts, Brice Vick ( often receives acknowledgment for his contributions to the dance community, but acknowledgment simply isn’t enough. With over a decade of experience working exclusively with Ashanti, (often titled the “princess of hip-hop”) and years of experience with other artists like Chris Brown, Lauryn Hill, and Beyonce, Vick is preparing to leverage his experience to provide health, finance, and education resources to inner-city New York youth, all while incorporating elements of global dance. Brice Vick is pleased to announce the formation of his non-profit organization, Hip Hop 4 Health.

Hip Hop 4 Health Plus is a government recognized not-for-profit organization that uses hip-hop dance and current trends to encourage kids to be more active throughout their day. Hip Hop 4 Health Plus hosts year-around interactive dance workshops where celebrity choreographers teach a variety of dance techniques all in a fun and engaging manner, including Mommy and Me classes and classes for the elderly. Hip Hop 4 Health Plus plans to offer scholarship programs, has an upcoming DVD scheduled for release, and anticipates hosting regular family friendly outreach events throughout the New York City area. The next Hip Hop 4 Health Plus dance workshop is scheduled at the Allendale School in New Jersey.

While most Choreographers are spitting images of one another, Brice D. Vick courageously stands alone escorting celebrity recording artists to their peak by utilizing a unique approach to dance that is unattainable by conformists. His electric style is rapidly becoming the standard for artists seeking to gain that critical edge that will set them aside in an industry that is flooded with clones. Brice D. Vick does not stop at what is ‘hot for the moment.’ Brice D. Vick is known in the industry for pushing the envelope and encouraging artists to take a chance at being different. He forces his clients to not only embrace what has already been done but also encourages them to take their performance to the next level – – stimulating audiences with something refreshingly new, distinctive, and most of all memorable.

Courtesy L. Blake Harvey, Lawrence Blake Group Int’l

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