‘Kaleidoscope of Kolorz’ on Labor Day

Costumes representing “Ecstasy,” “Passion” and “Desire” from the band “Kaleidoscope of Kolorz.”
Photo courtesy of The Set/Circuit United Mas Camp

Though The Set/Circuit United Mas Camp is only three years old, the band is aiming high with “Kaleidoscope of Kolorz” for Labor Day, according to band leader, Arlene “Mrs. Trini” Cumberbatch.

“This year, I feel like we have a good shot at third,” Trinidadian-born Cumberbatch told Caribbean Life about the band that will compete in the Small Band category. “We’re striving hard to get that number one spot.”

Cumberbatch said “Kaleidoscope of Kolorz”, designed by the Washington, D.C.-based Shortmus Productions, comprises four main sections of predominantly ladies: Passion (purple), Passion Plus (“purple for plus-size ladies”), Ecstasy (yellow/green) and Desire (red).

She said revelers are from The Set/Circuit Community, which comprises members from, among others, the motorcycle and social club set.

“Spectators can look forward to a burst of color this year – nothing very fancy, just affordable and colorful fun,” Cumberbatch said.

“This year, we have the great fortune of working with Shortmus Productions and Journ’y (President of Divine Unity Social Club),” added Cumberbatch, stating that they are designers and producers, respectively.

“Shortmus Productions has been producing mas for ‘donkey years’ and has a tradition of carnival hopping,” she continued.

Cumberbatch said revelers will “chip down the parkway” to the sounds of Newark, New Jersey-based Trinidadian Megga Culture Blend and The Set/Circuit Community “talented DJs” – DJ King, da Truth, DJ Styles and Kiko Dan.

She said the band’s “core members have deep roots in different Caribbean islands.” There are also Americans, she said.

Cumberbatch can be reached at [email protected], or (917) 568-3636.

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