Josiah Stewart writes about Union Island’s history

Book cover.

A new book entitled “Union Island Then and Now,” will be released this December. The book will highlight the rich history of the island in sequential order dating back to the 1760s.

The author, Josiah Stewart started his book in 2009, and it took much dedication and research over the last four years to gather information. He journeyed to Harvard University in search of data and combed the Queens, New York cemetery for two years in search of Captain Hugh Mulzac’s tombstone. He stated, “The major source of information came from my great grandmother Isabella Roach and my mother Sheila Roach. They implanted in me, the history of the island since I was a little boy.”

Stewart explained that the book would have 10 exciting chapters of historical information pertaining to the way of life of the islanders. Some of the areas covered are: The Exodus Factor, Captain Hugh Mulzac, Boat Launching, Herbal Remedies, Salt Picking, Yesterdays Marriage, Lives lost at sea, All Fools Day, Abbott Manure, and the redoubtable Hurricane Janet of 1955.

The book will also have a dictionary of Union Island dialect and terms as well as folklore such as “Do not sweep on someone’s feet or else they will never get married.” Other historic events and persons that were never mentioned in other reading materials will also be included in his book. He also noted that the book targets foreigners, and persons who are interested in understanding the detailed past of the island. He further exclaimed that the book could also be used as an academic tool in schools. He indicated that it is paramount that the youths of today be apprised of their fore parent’s effort to survive in the times before.

Stewart, born in 1961 on Union Island, travelled between Union Island and Trinidad & Tobago as a young boy. He now resides in the USA where he works in the medical field. He is also a carpenter, entrepreneur, as well as an innovator; he has invented a few tools over the years. He hinted that he recently invented a device that can be used in the medical field but is yet to patent it.

“Union Island Then & Now” will be available for sale online for the Kindle and other reading devices and a limited number of hard copies will be printed. Over the years, other writers such as Gloria Stewart Morgan and Vernalyn Blencoe have written about different aspects of the culture and personalities of Union Island.

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