‘Joseph’ espouses Marcus Garvey’s ideals: Barbadian producer

Marcia Weekes, Barbadian producer and director of "Joseph."

Marcia Weekes, the Barbadian director, producer and co-writer of the Pan-African film, “Joseph,” has said that the film espouses the ideals of the late Pan-Africanist and Black Liberator, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jamaica’s first national hero.

“The message of the film runs concurrent with that of Marcus Garvey, who organized the first important American Black Nationalist Movement, based in Harlem, New York,” said Weekes, who was recently in New York to promote the “riveting, inspirational drama,” in a Caribbean Life interview.

“So, New York is a key location to promote this message of reconnection of the African Diaspora and Africa,” she added, stating that New York is also “key, as ‘Joseph’ underscores the philosophy of Marcus Garvey, which promotes Africa for Africans at home and abroad.

“We desire to promote in areas where there is a strong demographics of Caribbean and African people,” Weekes continued, disclosing that the film, which was endorsed and supported by the governments of Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados, was included in the Ghana Tourism Authority Year of Return.

She said “Joseph” — produced by her award-winning, independent film company, Step By Step Productions — was “beautifully shot on location in Ghana, Jamaica and Barbados.”

According to Weekes, the film tells the very compelling story of a Jamaican doctor who must overcome family conflict and self-doubt to discover his African origins.

After successfully premiering in Ghana, Atlanta, Barbados and Jamaica to rave reviews, Weekes said the film has now landed limited distribution in AMC Cinemas, the largest cinema chain in the US.

“This is, indeed, groundbreaking,” she exclaimed. “It is important to promote ‘Joseph’ in New York because of the important message of the film, and a large number of persons in our targeted demographic is in New York.”

The film was shown in Brooklyn at the Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinema, 2784 Linden Blvd.

“I just attended the showing of  ‘Joseph,’ and it was awesome,” said Sam Taitt, a Barbadian professor in communications at Kingsborough Community College. “Jamaicans, Bajans (short for Barbadians) and Ghanaians living in New York should really see this film.

“The actors and actresses are Jamaicans, Barbadians and Ghanaians,” he added. “It was so good that I will see it again.”

Weekes said “Joseph” will begin in Jamaica on March 11, the United Kingdom on March 20, and premiere in South Florida on March 15.

“It is our desire to continue the AMC screenings in the US, roll out in Canada and be successful in the UK (United Kingdom) and Europe, as well,” she said.

For more information, call Weekes on WhatsApp at (246) 245-0665; or call Linda Watson-Lorde, Cultural and Community Affairs Officer, Consulate General of Barbados in New York, at (212) -551-4332 or email: [email protected].

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