Jerk cuisine launches ‘January to Jamaica’

On one of the coldest days of the year, WPIX-TV launched an enticing campaign highlighted by food and an opportunity to win trips they branded – “January to Jamaica.”

It was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and schools were closed for the day, with many parents opting to stay inside following the over-night downpour of snow forecasters predicted.

The station invited two Jamaican food experts to explain jerk cooking. Jamaican, cuisine consultant Dave Rodney and Chef Alton Henry lavished their knowledge by explaining and displaying the culture, history and conditions that enabled jerk seasoning to emerge as one of the island’s most sought-after exports.

The dialogue with host Suki on Martin Luther King Day provided comfort and joy to viewers of the channel 11 morning show. In explaining the spicy aspects of the seasoning acclaimed to be one of the island’s tastiest, Rodney retraced the history of slaves savoring their palate by using pimento sticks, herbal preservatives and other natural ingredients to entice gourmet.

Rodney capitalized on the limited time to also boast Barbancourt Rum, the Haitian brand he described to be “one of the world’s best.”

He attributed the choice beverage as the key ingredient to making Henry’s cheese cake the preferred dessert and one prominently displayed throughout the segment.

The chef’s appetizing spread included coconut rice, jerked barbecue ribs, filet of tilapia, roasted jerk chicken and shrimp scampi, decorated the set with the rum and raisin cheesecake positioned off to a side but in full view to entice viewers snowed-in by the overnight downpour which dumped up to nine inches on the corporate area.

Rodney had only returned from a “December to Remember” campaign at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica where tourists were treated to island spices and other alluring prizes.

Here, WPIX-TV offered “January to Jamaica” prizes which included free vacations to resorts on the Caribbean island. A kick-off for a cooking contest was also launched from the network’s website.

Jamaica Jazz Fest

Bronx residents who journey to Jamaica for the annual jazz festival will enjoy an added attraction on Saturday when one of their own hosts a beach party in Montego Bay for residents from the diaspora. As a matter of fact, any U.S. resident journeying to the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival can add a little extra to their itinerary due to the efforts of a few forward-thinking party planners.

In association with friends and investors, Clive Drummond, a Jamaican who resides in the borough is ready to revel with visitors who plan to attend the annual, outdoor, music event.

Apparently, Drummond had been contemplating a diasporan beach event, which could coincide with the music outing. However, this year he engaged like-minded associates to execute a fun-day following the week-long, night time showcases at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium.

The fete, billed “Fantasy – the ultimate all white jazz party” is slated for Jan. 29 at Tropical Beach, near the island’s western, Donald Sangster international Airport.

“In terms of value for entertainment, we plan to raise the bar with the Fantasy Beach Party,” Drummond said. “We plan to go into MoBay and set the place on fire! We plan to create a one of a kind party experience that will rival the best beach party that has ever been held in Montego Bay or Negril” he said.

Drummond said a fashion show, wet T-shirt contest and music will extend the mood set by the festival, which started on Sunday. Billed for the mega-music extravaganza are eclectic blends of music spanning reggae, pop, calypso and jazz. Richie Stephens, Allison Hinds, Diana King, Natalie Cole, Ronald Isley, Tavares, Regina Belle, Brenda Russell, Maroon 5, Air Supply and some lesser known acts are expected to deliver a diverse showcase to audiences expected to pack the north-coast venue thru Jan. 27.

Drummond said he has grouped some of the best deejays to keep the sand flying into the Caribbean Sea.

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