Jarrett plays best game

New York Jets’ Jaiquawn Jarrett.
Photo courtesy of New York Jets

Jaiquawn Jarrett recently turned in his finest game of the year in a New York Jets uniform. Listed as a safety, the third-year Jet did what he was supposed to do to help his teammates break a long losing streak during this season, this one against Pittsburgh.

Now Jarrett is putting his Steeler game behind him and concentrating on the game against host Buffalo on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 23.

Jarrett is no stranger to the fans and players in the New York met area as he competed on the football team at Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn and led them to two Public Schools Athletic League city-wide championships. Like many other student athletes, he played both ways as a student.

His father came from Kingston, Jamaica, where he played soccer, before moving north to Brooklyn. The gridder just can’t remember when his father moved to New York.

Meanwhile, Jarrett’s mother became a runner while she attended James Madison High School while she resided in Brooklyn.

Last Sunday afternoon, an ideal one for the sport of football, Jarrett intercepted two passes thrown by Pittsburgh for 10 yards, including one for nine yards, and was involved in seven tackles while playing safety on defense.

“Everything came together (against the Steelers),” Jarrett said after the game.

“The ball fell in our favor. And now we broke our long (eight game) losing streak, and take it one game at a time.”

Now Jarrett wants to keep improving on his good play and at the same time keep winning or moving up for the remainder of the season.

The Jets have six games remaining on their schedule, including two home ones.

Last week marked his best defensive game of the year and he must keep it up.

In addition, he made his first start of the season for the local National Football League franchise.

“As a unit and as a team (I) came together,” the 6’0’ safety from Temple University said. “We stayed focused in doing out job. And with the help of the front seven we did our job.”

He and his teammates must keep up their good work on the gridiron if they want to succeed. However, playoffs are out of the question right now

The Jets have to keep up winning, execute, and get the job done, according to Jarrett

“I want to get this thing rolling,” Jarrett added. “I take it one game at a time.”

New York Jets’ Jaiquawn Jarrett in a match against Pittsburgh.
Photo courtesy of New York Jets

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