Jamaica’s Nomination Day marred by violence

Violence marred Nomination Day in Jamaica when one man was killed and other injured when an opposition Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) motorcade was shot at on Tuesday.

There were also clashes between supporters of the ruling People’s National Party (PNP) and the opposition JLP party in another part of the country.

The man killed in Montego Bay, in the parish of St. James, came two days after a shooting at a JLP rally which resulted in clashes of warring Sparta and Rebel gangs in the Flanker community, which left three people dead and six others injured. Several vehicles were also damaged.

One of the men was identified as Javin Campbell, 22, a known gangster from Flanker.

Police and other groups in the country pleaded with Jamaicans to leave violence out of the campaign leading up to the Feb. 25 general elections.

Reports are that gunmen opened fire on the JLP motorcade. Police say they recovered more than 40 spent shells.

Senior police officers said no permission was granted for the motorcade to pass through Flanker because of the tension in the community.

An investigation has been launched as to who authorized the motorcade.

In the North Central Clarendon constituency, there was also a clash between supporters of the two main political parties after the PNP’s nominee Desmond Brennan and the incumbent Pearnel Charles of the opposition JLP arrived simultaneously to be nominated.

The groups threw objects at each other forcing the police and military to intervene and restore order and the two candidates urged their supporters to refrain from violence.

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