Jamaica’s flag flies high in Brooklyn to mark 51st

Jamaica’s black, green and gold dominated the colorful plaza outside Brooklyn’s Borough Hall on Aug. 6 when the distinctive banner raised above the New York City colors to mark the 51st anniversary of independence.

Nationals dressed in patriotic colors sported the distinctive brand wearing head to toe, designs which ranged from head-scarf, eye-wear, neck-ties, jewelry, blouses, dresses, jackets and skirts, shoes, purses, clutch bags, handbags, umbrellas, fans etc. But the one that held the highest posture were the colors hoisted high above borough hall.

Positioned in the afternoon during a ceremony emceed by Ewayne McDonald, the consul general, a congressional representative, assembly-member and representatives for the bp’s office lauded the island for being first “in the Americas in the 20th century to claim independence from Britain.”

On a sunny but breezy afternoon, visitors from as far away as Slovakia listened as McDonald quoted a poem by H.D. Cadbury before launching into the day’s significance. He explained the significance of each color, lauded the island’s national heroes, and praised military service-members for their contributions.

“We are the largest concentration of Jamaicans outside of Jamaica and for 51 years we have raised our own flag,” he said.

About the presence of Jamaicans here he lauded the contributions of everyone saying “wi nah kotch; wi neva cum fi drink di milk, wi cum fi own di cow.”

His patois resonated with expats who identify with the unpretentious presentation he delivered.

According to McDonald, along with successes, Jamaicans have suffered set-backs – one being, the tragic loss of lives when the island was named the fifth largest victimized in 2001 when the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers toppled.

“We are a proud people, and today, we are celebrating wi birthright.”

With that said McDonald introduced Consul General Herman G. Lamont, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Assemblyman N. Nick Perry, Deputy Borough President Sandra Chapman and Sophia Jones, the Caribbean liaison.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller sent personal salutations, and performances by the Brawta folk company entertained and titillated nostalgia with dialect verses composed by Louise Bennett.


Six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is now a playable character in the popular running game for Android and Apple devices “Temple Run 2.”

Bolt’s character was recently added and is now available for download as a 99-cent in-app for a limited time. The athlete’s addition marks the first time the game’s developers, Imangi Studio, has based a character off of someone in real life.

Bolt is featured in his signature black, gold and green Jamaican uniform and has a special power-up feature that allows him to collect coins while in boost mode.

Since the original game was released, Bolt has been a fan and admits to playing the game regularly and even holding a record in 28 million.

Bolt said he is the fastest in the game and he has the best power-up.

When asked which “Temple Run 2 character is his biggest rival, Bolt said “Myself!”

In an email transmission, the Olympian explained that it’s tough “controlling all that speed and not getting too excited. lol.”

“It’s an honor to be a part of such an established game,” Bolt said.

“Many of my fans have told me that I should be a playable character in Temple Run, so when this opportunity was put before me, I had to say YES!”

Bolt has been offered other video game deals in the past, but allegedly stated that “Temple Run 2″ provided a compatible fit.

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