Jamaican queen to serenade ‘Everybody’s Mom’

Jamaican Kaci Fennell.

New Yorkers are in for a mother’s day treat on May 9 when Jamaica’s queen of the universe Kaci Fennell sings, dances and charms audiences at the annual tribute concert slated for Brooklyn Center at Brooklyn College.

The Miss Universe fourth placed runner up at the 63rd annual pageant held Jan. 25 is booked to perform alongside a long list of soca and calypso talents and promises to do more than show off her jeweled tiara.

According to Herman Hall, publisher of Everybody’s Magazine and the organizer of the “Mother We Love You” concert “she really can dance and sing.”

His assurance places her among veteran performers that claim Caribbean audiences their primary focus for entertaining.

Hall added that anyone who saw her perform during the televised pageant should be convinced that in addition to beauty, Fennell is also talented.

The 22-year-old stunner who reportedly “rocked” a Halle Berry/Audrey Hepburn hairstyle was judged earlier this year in Florida when she competed against contestants from more than 24 countries.

Fennell proved an early favorite and by pageant night after the swimsuit, evening gown and costume segments seemed the victor.

First called as a finalist after a segment Fennell seemed well on her way to being crowned the Miss Universe of the year.

However, she hit a slippery slope during the final question and answer portion when along with Miss USA, Miss Colombia, Miss Netherlands and Miss Ukraine were asked about the greatest contribution of their country to the world.

Fennell named reggae music legend Bob Marley and the world’s fastest short-distance runner Usain Bolt as those she thought to be the best examples.

A universal groan in her homeland and as television viewers watched lamented her oversight of the contributions of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the island’s alluring beauty, its food and other seemingly more obvious examples she overlooked.

After that segment, the final round of competitions, all hopes of a Caribbean queen diminished when she was first to be eliminated from the final five.

Fans inside the auditorium protested shouting boos and jeers starting a conversation about the decision that some attributed to her short-cropped hair.

The controversy grew louder on Twitter and other social media outlets, broadening in newspapers and amplified on television and radio declaring “Kaci was robbed.”

The gracious Jamaican monarch responded that she thought the outcome was fair and that she was grateful for the opportunity to represent her country.

“Well, it was totally unexpected. I was so proud that I made the top five,” Fennell explained.

“It was such an amazing feeling. I believe it went exactly how it should. I’m so happy I had this opportunity. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The graceful Kingston native said she had no regrets.

“It’s only up from here … but I’m still focused on my studies. I do want to be a teacher, that’s my passion! I love kids! I also want to be a chef.”

“Thank you everyone for all the love,” she tweeted before her final runway walk.

“Matters not what the outcome may be, because tonight marks only the beginning,” she said on the night she was judged fourth runner-up. “Because when you put God first what you have to worry about? Nada!”

Since that time, her presence has been limited to local appearances in Jamaica.

However, she will be back on the international circuit when she performs in salute of mothers.

On a bill that fits calypso monarch Chucky Gordon, calypso icon Becket, Joshua Boyce, Biggie Irie, Andrea “Delcita” Wright, Lyrical and Batinga Dance Company a lively line-up will be hosted by Nikki Crosby.

Fans of the comedienne are anxiously waiting to see and hear her rendition of “Go Granny,” the soca track which should find appeal with moms and maybe a few dads who will likely accompany wives, mothers and relatives to the annual tribute concert.

The concert begins at 8:00 p.m. when the Sunshine Band sets the tempo. For more information log onto www.everybodysmag.com

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