Jamaican competes for Rhoda Jacobs’ seat

Rickie Tulloch.
Photo courtesy Friends of Rickie Tulloch

Jamaican-born Rickie Tulloch says he is the best candidate to replace the retiring Rhoda Jacobs in the 42nd State Assembly District in Brooklyn.

“I am proud Assemblywoman Jacobs believes I am best suited to carry on her tireless leadership,” said Tulloch, who migrated from Jamaica when he was only 14 years old, in a Caribbean Life interview. He will compete in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 9.

He said Jacobs, for decades, fought to protect the environment, and supported proposals to combat climate change, and enhance clean and renewable energy.

“As your next Assembly member, I will continue to support the Assembly’s leadership for a three-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” in New York State,” Tulloch said.

He noted that the Assembly continues to take the lead on making sure New York State does not permit “fracking” until and unless all of the environmental and health studies are completed.

Hydraulic fracturing is a controversial process of drilling deeply into the earth, fracturing shale formations in releasing natural gas deposits.

“That is why I support the Assembly’s proposal to impose a three-year moratorium on fracking,” Tulloch said.

“New York City’s drinking water must not be threatened by oil and gas industries more interested in extracting profits than ensuring the environment is protected,” he added, stating that other states have witnessed water pollution and destruction of lands as a result of “fracking.”

In addition, Tulloch said there are links to “fracking” and increased seismic activities, including earthquakes.

He said his story is that of the American dream – “a story of a man who has been lifted up through hard work, public education” and the support of his “great” Brooklyn community.

Tulloch’s story is also that of a community advocate, stating that he has dedicated his life to giving back to the diverse Brooklyn neighborhoods that welcomed him and his family with open arms in 1976, when they arrived in Flatbush from Jamaica in search of a better life.

Tulloch said he lived on Snyder Avenue, and attended and graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in the 42nd District.

He also attended and graduated from Brooklyn College, also in the district, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s in economics.

Along the way, Tulloch said he grew passionate about public service and assumed leadership roles in a range of community organizations.

He served for 18 years on Community Board 17, where he was the Land Use chair for seven years and treasurer for three years.

He also served, for 15 years, on the Board of Directors of Flatbush Action Daycare Center, and on the Board of Erasmus Neighborhood Federation that provides, among other services, immigration and housing.

In addition, Tulloch formed and served as president of the Ginger Ridge Past Student Association, the rural school that he attended in Jamaica.

He also formed and chairs the Visionary Political Action Committee (V-PAC); and, most recently, he became chair of Jacobs’ Community Advisory Council.

In these roles, Tulloch said he continues to nurture a “deep understanding of the issues that matter to community residents,” and is a “strong advocate for the concerns of our working and middle class families, senior citizens, youth, immigrants and local community groups.”

Tulloch, who is “the proud father” of four children, has been “an involved resident” of the 42nd Assembly District for the past 38 years.

He said he will fight for, among other things, job creation, affordable housing, healthcare access, education, immigration and quality of life.

Besides Jacobs, Tulloch has been endorsed by unions DC 37, United Federation of Teacher and the AFL-CIO.

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