Jamaica opens first retail marijuana seed store

Jamaica has opened its first retail marijuana seed store located in the Marketplace on Constant Spring Road, the Jamaica Gleaner reported.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony signified the start of a new era for the use of medical marijuana in Jamaica, with brothers Karibe and Dwayne McKenzie at the helm.

The first company named EPICAN was granted a license to cultivate, process and retail medical grade marijuana by the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) in Jamaica.

EPICAN offers a product rooted in Jamaica soil, the newspaper reported.

The McKenzie brothers spent three years educating local farmers in methods that meet international growing standards in an effort to bring marijuana farming in Jamaica out of the shadows and on the global stage.

President of EPICAN Dwayne McKenzie said the opening of the store will highlight the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant and he is happy that Jamaicans will have a place to go to be educated about the plant, as well as to partake of all its by-products.

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