Island cuisine on your TV screen

Photo courtesy of Sunlight Entertainment

The Caribbean Express, a cooking show with a difference, is coming to a television screen near you, and much sooner than you think, promise the producers of this exciting soon-to-be-aired special.

The team, which comprises Wellington Sharpe, Renee Robinson, Michael Smith, Cheryl Julien and Donovan Howard, recently completed the Jamaica leg of their shoot and have already expressed their immense satisfaction about the location, and the restaurants and the warm welcome they received while on the island.

“Jamaica represents our initial foray, and we clearly made a great choice,” says Caribbean Express producer, Wellington Sharpe. “Caribbean Express will be traveling to various Caribbean islands in our quest to illuminate an accurate cross section of Caribbean cuisine and lifestyle.

Sharpe, who is Jamaican, stated that the team could best be described as “an eclectic group of international travelers interested in Caribbean suave affair.”

He added that the collective Caribbean heritage “has brought us back to investigate the cornucopia which is Jamaican cuisine.”

According to the show’s co-host, Renee Robinson, “Caribbean Express aims to carry a talented team of individuals to various Caribbean island nations to sample the best restaurants, and eateries throughout the region.”

Each month, the team will visit a different Caribbean island and the host and her team will venture into what are considered “the best” restaurants there.”

They will interact with patrons, interview chefs about their interest in foods and their backgrounds, while the cameras capture activities in the kitchens while the specialty dishes are brought to life.

Each tropical island experience will be recorded and edited into a 20-minute segments that would be distributed and shown in New York via CIN and possibly NY1, throughout the Caribbean via Tempo Network, in Europe and Asia, on YouTube and various other media outlets, Sharpe said.

While in Jamaica, the team visited Kingston restaurants, Norma On The Terrace and White Bones; The Palace Hotel in Portland, Morgan’s Harbour in Port Royal, and Spring Garden Seafood Restaurant and Pier 1.

The visitors were also hosted by TVJ’s popular morning broadcast program, Smile Jamaica, which gave Sharpe the opportunity to thank the restaurants which accommodated the team.

Caribbean Express will seek to be a platform for cultural exchange and economic expansion, Robinson says, adding: “We will be honoring and highlighting the continuous growth within the Caribbean basin.

“It will be our duty and commitment to reflect such developments.”

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