Independent & Foreign Films

3 Backyards (R for sexuality) Ensemble drama revolving around an eventful day-in-the-life of a trio of suburban New Yorkers: A miserably-married businessman (Elias Koteas) who meets a mysterious woman (Danai Gurira); a housewife (Edie Falco) who gives a famous actress (Embeth Davidtz) a ride to the ferry, and an eight-year-old girl (Rachel Resheff) who encounters a pervert (Wesley Broulik) on her way to school.

Black Death (R for profanity and graphic violence) Horror flick, set in medieval England during the outbreak of the bubonic plague, about a young monk (Eddie Redmayne) who volunteers to lead a band of mercenaries on a perilous trek to a remote region where a sorcerer is rumored to be bringing the dead back to life. With Carice van Houten, Kimberley Nixon and Sean Bean.

Brotherhood (R for sexuality, violence and pervasive profanity) Reality check drama about a college freshman (Trevor Morgan) pressured to participate in a cover-up after a fellow, fraternity pledge (Lou Taylor Pucci) is shot during a convenience store robbery, which was supposed to be the final phase of their initiation. With Arlen Escarpeta, Jon Foster and Jennifer Sipes.

Certified Copy (Unrated) Bittersweet romance drama about a British art historian (William Shimell) who rendezvous with a French antiques dealer (Juliette Bonoche) from his past while in Tuscany to promote his new book. (In French, Italian and English with subtitles) With Filippo Trojano, Adrian Moore and Agathe Natanson.

The Desert of Forbidden Art (unrated) Cold War bio-pic about Igor Savitsky (1915-1984), the curator of a secret museum located behind the Iron Curtain where he risked his life to save over 40,000 works of art from destruction by Soviet censors who only appreciated Communist propaganda.

Elektra Luxx (R for nudity, profanity and graphic sexuality) Carla Gugino stars in the title role of this kinky comedy as a pregnant, former porn star doing her best to put her sordid past behind her. Cast includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julianne Moore, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Timothy Oliphant, Malin Akerman and Kathleen Quinlan.

Jane Eyre (PG-13 for mature themes, a nude image and brief violence) 22nd screen adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s Victorian classic about a headstrong young governess (Mia Wasikowska) who, against her better judgment, finds herself falling for her abusive employer (Michael Fassbender). With Dame Judi Dench, Jamie Bell and Sally Hawkins.

Kill the Irishman (R for profanity, nudity, sexuality and graphic violence) Factual crime saga recounting the bloody turf war which unfolded during the summer of ’76 between the established Cleveland Mafia and a rival gang created by a renegade mobster (Ray Stevenson).

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