Indashio’s flirtatious fall collection

One of the models at Indashio’s fall fashion show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.

In fine dramatic style, fashion designer Indashio filled the runway with a gush of smoke before unleashing his eye-popping Fall 2011 collection at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, to end New York Fashion Week.

Inspired by Liberace and Trident Vitality Gum, and titled “Gaudy” the playful designer’s effervescent personality came out in the season’s hottest trends, accompanied by Madonna’s music blaring in the background.

The first model burst onto the runway wearing a sexy Trident inspired frock, designed with a plunging neckline and peek hole on the front. This set the tone for a luscious line that included a mini dress in multi-colored sequins and the other, a glittery black, worn with above-knee boots.

In addition to actress Denise Richards, who was alluring in the front row wearing the Trident ‘Awake’ flavor creation by Indashio, the models were elegantly dressed in band aid colored dresses, one topless and another worn with a furry sports jacket.

Indashio’s mauve off the shoulder top matched with black leggings got the attention of the shutterbug as the mid-size model stuck a pose at the end of the runway with the Trident package in her mouth. Pieces such as the black jump suit accented with gold trim, and the little balloon bottom skirt matched with a gold long-sleeved blouse were stunners that marched down the runway.

Indashio’s slew of celebrity friends added to the excitement. The designer dressed up entertainer Aubrey O’day in a black tight-fitting topless dress trimmed with a touch of gold fringe at the bust, while flamboyant figure skater, Johnny Weir lit up the catwalk in a glittering gold ring-master jacket and black and gold slacks to the delight of cheering crowd.

His colorful graffiti art floor-length coat worn by top model Bobby Roach was also a showstopper. The show ended with an elegant silver floor length gown. As it moved along the runway with a bottom flair effect revealed the colors of the gum. But it was the master himself that garnered the most applause when he swooped onto the runway wearing a lavish multi-colored cape, carrying his inspiration in his mouth.

In less that 30-minutes, Indashio brought to life the concept of the Trident Vitality gum that he likened himself to, by saying “I’m much like Trident, I’m all about flavor.

From left, star figure skater Johnny Weir, Indashio and entertainer Aubrey O’Day.
Photos by Tangerine Clarke
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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