In High Gear for a 29th Year

l-r Rakem Bell and Lavon Bellamy
Photo by Lem Peterkin
Photo by Lem Peterkin

By Lem Peterkin

Following a day and night of storms, the sun came out in East Elmhurst Saturday morning, June15 and residents could not have been happier that the 29th running of the All-American qualifying race of the Flushing Meadows Soap Box Derby was actually taking place.

The race is run on a street track provided through an application to City to have the sgttreet closed. The problem is that the permit is good only for that day.

Had the rains not subsided the race would mostly likely have been cancelled. Instead, the sun broke through in time for the IS 145 Band to perform at the opening ceremony.

Under the direction of Towner Galaher and Michael Zarifis, the audience was kept entertained while the street was being turned into a rack track.

As the storms clouds lifted, the participants were working on last-minute repairs and assembly, while tents were being erected, numbers were being assigned, timers were being setup. Participants were required to build their cars using plans and specifications provided by the All-American Soap Box Derby which sanctions the race.

It was the qualifying competition to gain admission to the All-American competition where two of the 25 competing racers were to be selected to go on to the All-American Soap Box Derby race in Akron, OH on July 20 through the 27th.


Stock Division #

Alejandro Tolentino 91.

Colby Barnave 8 2.

Chris John 6 3.

Super Stock Division #

Adin Warner 64

Avery Warner 50

Jalen Toussaint 40

Most cars are sponsored by community organizations, churches and businesses from the New York City area. The sponsoring organization is the Flushing Meadow Soap Box Derby, inc, a local non-profit body that holds educational and recreational activities for young people.

Winner of the Super Stock Division, Adin Warnerage 11.
Photo by Lem Peterkin
Photo by Tequila Minsky

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