Immigration, be legal

I am happy for anyone to come to the United States. We are truly a great country. I’ve been further convinced of this by visiting other countries. There are some wonderful places but I always feel better when I am on American soil. Our country has issues but nothing like those faced by most other countries.

I can understand why people want to come here. Many of them are desperate to get into our country. All are hoping for a better life.

I haven’t traveled out of the country very much but I have been to a few places. Whenever I travel abroad I make sure that I have my passport and any necessary visa that the country requires. I wouldn’t dream of trying to go any other way.

I am amazed at the millions of people who risk it all to enter America illegally with little to no financial means to survive when they get here. I am in favor of helping people but they should come here legally. Entering the country without the proper documents is breaking the law. People who hire those who are here illegally are encouraging their illegal presence in our country.

I can appreciate immigration reform. I don’t believe the process should take years. On the other hand we should not hand out citizenship like penny candy on Halloween. It’s worth something to be an American. My wife’s grandfather was once held as a prisoner of war during World War II in the Philippines. He paid a heavy price for America. My brother fought in Vietnam and a neighbor friend was killed in Vietnam. Another friend was left for dead after being thrust with a bayonet in Korea. He survived that experience to be shot on two different occasions in Vietnam. Many Americans have sacrificed their lives for America. Families today live with the sacrifice of giving up their loved ones for America.

I think about how hard Americans have worked to make and keep this country free. Think of not only the wars but also the sacrifices of every generation that has battled to keep America free, strong, and the kind of place desired by nationalities around the world.

American freedom has not come easy and there will be nothing easy about preserving who we are and what we have.

To just pass out citizenship to anybody and everybody who crosses our border legally or illegally without going through a fair and just process is a slap in the face of every soldier who has died for this country. It’s a slap in the face of every American who has spent his life filling out tax reforms, paying untold fortunes of taxes to the government and abiding by the law.

I am thrilled that people want to come to America. Just please abide by the law and make our country better. America is here for you. Come one and come all. Salute our flag, carry your fair share of taxes, serve in our military and help us keep this country free and strong.

Glenn Mollette is the author of American Issues: Every American Has An Opinion and nine other books. Here him in June at the Newburgh Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana graduation ceremony.

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