I&M Pastry Studio

Pastry designer Tiffany Washington and dessert stylist Jo-Laine Duke-Collins are the masterminds behind I&M Pastry Studio (also known as Ilene Miriam Pastry Studio). Creating breathtaking custom artisan pastries and stylish dessert tables, these two young Brooklyn moms have made a lasting impression on New York City!

From elaborate weddings to celebrity birthday parties, I&M Pastry Studio has done it all. They have now set up shop in Prospect Lefferts Gardens with their custom sweets, beverages & more!

“Our dream has finally come true!” I&M Girls, Tiffany & Jo-Laine proclaim.

“Due to the overwhelming demand for I&M cakes and pastries, it is time to take our business to the next level. We’ve outgrown our home kitchen and are completely over shared kitchen rental fees. Honestly, we just want to create great cakes and treats for great people in a great space!

“So today we come to you to share exciting news! After countless brainstorming sessions, journals filled to the max with research, and most importantly stepping out on faith,” I&M Girls stated. “I&M has finally solidified a Brooklyn storefront location in Prospect Lefferts Gardens! We couldn’t have picked a better location! Brooklyn is ready for a place were you can grab a coffee and a sweet treat on the go, meet with clients and enjoy our free wifi, order some custom treats for your birthday, enroll in exciting cake decorating classes, have a consultation for your wedding cake or just relax with a nice drink after work! IM Pastry Studio is here to fulfill your sweetest needs.”

“Here’s what we have planned: Although we’ve got the ball rolling, we still have work to do. We have secured our lease, finalized our floor plan and picked out furniture. We have all of the essential tools required for baking, cake decorating and dessert displays as well as some kitchen equipment. To get us to the finish line, we need to purchase additional kitchen equipment, furniture, and a sign for the storefront to complete our space. For your generosity, we have great rewards including buttons, t-shirts, cupcakes, your very own cake flavor named after you or even your picture on our wall!”

“We are ready to give back to Brooklyn, where it all began for us! In order to launch in August as planned, we have to meet 100% of our target goal of $33,000. We truly appreciate your love & support over the years and hope to see you soon at our grand opening in the Summer of 2014!”

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