Hoopsters play at Greenwich Village

Basketball players and fans of all ages from kids to senior citizens jammed one park, and some of them brought their own chairs, in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan during the summer to engage in a basketball league whether as spectators or players to takein some of the action.

Past players, who starred at one time on the professional level, tried to make a comeback, if they so desired, to do what they did at one time. Players competing on the high school level last winter and still have not made up their mind as to the future would like that college scholarship, if they have not received one, providing they focus the right way. Another professional could be in the making if he moves in the right direction.

The hoopsters have their league games on the West 4th Street court on a schedule basis, as there are two different categories, one for high schoolers and the other for an Unlimited Division. This latter division featured the high school graduates and for some the college graduates who still want to advance another level. They have been competing under game conditions and have been trying to improve on their weaknesses.

There were two male games, and then one Legends contest, to highlight the festivities on a recent Saturday. There were many first time players in the high school category of the West 4th Street League, and some of them shined on the court in front of hundreds of spectators, with many of them standing to watch the competition.

“Scoring points don’t matter in a game like this,” said Greg Meade, who will soon enter the borough of Manhattan Community College, located near the league’s site, near to City Hall.

“It’s a good experience to play in a league like this, and at the same time the players are of different ages. I, myself, still must work on different parts of my game,” said Meade.

In the Unlimited Division all-star game, one very exciting, T.J. Curry took a pass from Travis Flagg and scored the winning basket for his team. Curry loves the atmosphere of playing basketball. He played one year at Post University in Connecticut and is looking forward to transfer out. He is in his first year of playing in the West 4th Street League. He is looking forward to move on and perform the best as he could in his new atmosphere.

During the summer, the players competed in such an environment; all the players were trying to have fun and demonstrate show what they could do on the court. This all-star game proved to be a wonderful event.

Then there was former Hofstra University student athlete, Max Margolis who coached the Legend all-stars, who competed in the Legend event.

“Nothing was as good as playing at ‘the Cage,’ he said. “Fans get into ‘it,’ We played on small court but the atmosphere is tremendous.”

“All you want are good games, and for the players to give 100 percent,” added Coach Les Pines,” after the Legends Game.

The Legends drew some tremendous players, including the sons of former coach in the college ranks Teddy Jones, a tremendous organizer and coach, now semi-retired. His sons Kelvin Jones and Darryl Jones, are still very much active in the sport.

“I love the camaraderie and the fans,” Kelvin added. “I want to show that I am still in shape for basketball.”

It won’t be long now when the championship games will be held in late August to close out a very successful season for the West 4th Street League.

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