Help improve dad’s health this Father’s Day

Though your dad may be a superhero to you, he is not immune to common health problems that affect men. And as your father ages, his risk for certain life-threatening diseases increases.

But you can be his superhero this Father’s Day by helping him form habits that promote good health and longevity.

Here are some healthy ways to celebrate dad this Father’s Day:

Go Fishing: Stress is harmful to both mental and physical health, so get some fresh air and a sense of relaxation with a day on the water. Evidence from several studies suggests that incorporating fish into one’s diet can help protect against prostate cancer because they contain “good fat,” particularly omega-3 fatty acids.

Barbecue: If a barbecue is your annual tradition, don’t fret. That fish you catch will go perfectly on the grill with a side of vegetables. Tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli are a great choice. And if you can’t forgo the beef, don’t char. Charred meats can contain cancer-causing carcinogens that lodge in the prostate.

Also skip the trans fatty acids found in margarine and give your meal a flavor boost with olive oil instead.

Move: Play golf, play tennis, or simply walk off your meal together. Obesity increases a man’s risk of heart disease, aggressive forms of prostate cancer, diabetes, stroke and hypertension, amongst other dangerous health problems, so make maintaining a healthy weight a priority for both you and dad.

Checkup: Prostate cancer affects one in six men, with more than 16 million men affected by the disease globally, and two million affected in the U.S. alone. Early diagnosis can improve one’s prognosis, so encourage your father to schedule an appointment for a screening as soon as possible. Broader awareness and understanding for this disease are crucial for saving lives.

Get Involved: You and dad can support men’s health while enjoying baseball, by donating money to support finding better treatments for prostate cancer. Each year, during a special “Home Run Challenge,” Major League Baseball and the Prostate Cancer Foundation encourage baseball fans to make a financial pledge for every home run hit during select games June 7-17 at

More healthy living tips, a free nutrition guide, and nutritious recipes can be found at

If you really want to show dad how much you care this Father’s Day, consider forgoing a gluttonous meal and spend the day promoting healthy habits instead.

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